Saturday, October 29, 2016

M3-38 News Part 3 (and probably the last one)

753. (Shimotsuki Haruka, Hiyama Nao) x Absolute Castaway (Nakae Mitsuki) - Cross Bouquet
A collaboration 2-CD album between the two circles. Disc 1 will contain original songs sung by Shimotsuki Haruka and Nakae Mitsuki. Disc 2 will have Haruka and Mitsuki covering each other's songs.

in the blue (Yamamo Maya) - イデアの森 -Forest of IDEA-
An ethnic symphonic original album from singer-songwriter Yamamo Maya. The main theme is forest. I remember liking their previous album merrow quite a bit, so I'll check this one out.

fumin. - fumin. compilation vol.3 "face"
I've been in the mood for some ambient lately, and I like this one.

Utanoha (Takanashi Mako) - The new Alice Syndrome
M3 would not be complete without an album or two about Alice in Wonderland. The term "New Alice Syndrome" is created by Mako, but Alice in Wonderland Syndrome does exist in real life.

Chocolate lolita (Ouri) - 愛憎ディストーション
Ouri has released several albums in the past, and this one will be her first solo single.

Cafe;Chiffon - noir/blanc
I haven't paid attention to this group in ages. Anyway, this will be their 5th single. Yuka of Lotus root orchestra is the vocalist.

Sugar Bunny* - Spookids
A light-hearted Halloween album from Mamyukka's Mameko.

binaria - diez
binaria's new album. I've already written about it in another post, but for completion's sake, I'll make a note of it here as well.

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