Monday, October 24, 2016

M3-38 News Part 2

Hatsuki Yura - ORGIA
Of the two Hatsuki Yura albums to be released, this is the heavier one. With gothic and marchen as the main theme.

SeifuuMeigetsu - Halloween of the Dead
Something more light-hearted and playful from Hatsuki Yura and Drop for this year's Halloween.

MISLIAR - 繚乱の華々と浮遊するファルファーラ
Under her new circle MISLIAR, Kokomi will be releasing her 2nd mini album, which ties in to her first mini album. FYI both mini albums feature live instruments.

At the Garret - 屋根裏美術館-West Wing- (Yaneura Bijutsukan -West Wing-)
At the Garret is a circle created by lyricist-songwriter Kiriya Jun. The circle hasn't released that many CDs so far, and this one will be their 4th CD. The prequel, Yaneura Bijutsukan -East Wing- was released at last year's spring M3. Participating vocalists include Coto, Akari and Yayoi.

Innocent Rogue - Romanesque
A classical album by Lily+ featuring operatic vocal and multitrack chorus. Guest vocalists include alico, Ryo (Ether) and el ma Riu.

airy bird - 三毛猫探偵と午前0時の時計台。
airy bird's 6th single is a "riddle solving fantastical vocal CD". It's the story of a tortoiseshell cat detective, a phantom thief and clockwork.

A little bit (Gotoh Haruki) - 路地裏ウタカタ通リ
The circle's 12th CD is set in a neon street at night. The cover art features a dog private detective and a cat lady. (I'm seeing a pattern here.)

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