Friday, April 27, 2018

M3-41 Extra

I just saw this announcement today, so I'm adding it here.

Annabel - fall into a lilac slumber
Annabel is releasing a new single. The composer is Sentimental Vector's Taguchi Shuuichi.

And while I'm at it...

Sentimental Vector + siraph - ストーリーテラー (Storyteller)
A new single and a collaboration between Sentimental Vector and siraph.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

M3-41 News

Just a quick update. M3-41 will take place on Apr 29. It will also mark the 20th anniversary of M3.

Rokugen Alice - Blood of Sorrow
Rokugen Alice goes for classic horror with an album inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula. The songs are written from Mina's perspective.

Hatsuki Yura - 虚構の楽園 (Kyokou no Rakuen)
A song collection of "ethnic dark fairy tale".

MISLIAR - Mystic◆Borderline
4th mini album.

Occolle-Okka Works Collection-
A compilation album of vocal songs written by Mamyukka's Okka for non-Mamyukka projects. Participating vocalists include Mameko (Mamyukka, Sugar Bunny*), Nakae Mitsuki (Absolute Castaway), Gotoh Haruki (A little bit), Ikeda Show, Saitou Michiru (Skyer), Hatsuki Yura, Chikamori Kayako (Yousan bunko), Chi-na, and Kurosaki Kirito. There are also 2 instrumental tracks Okka has written for Mamyukka.

The room of Show Ikeda & A little bit (Gotoh Haruki) & Yousan bunko (Chikamori Kayako) & Mamyukka - のらねこ秘密結社 (Noraneko Himitsu Kessha)
A collaboration between four doujin music circles. They'll also be holding a live on April 30th.

A little bit (Gotoh Haruki) - Club Patina
A jazzy CD of glamour and nightlife.

Absolute Castaway (Nakae Mitsuki) - ASTRO=GRAPH
The latest addition to Nakae Mitsuki's heavenly body fantasy series.

MUSIRISCA (Yuria Miyazono) - Forest in the Mist
Yuria Miyazono's 2nd full album. "English words, soprano and fantasy chorus woven into an encounter in the forest of sorrow."

Lolita Neurosis (Rimiyu) - Dolores
18th CD from Rimiyu.

Primary - Survive/Last moment
12th single.

にゃーろんず (nyarons) - 徒然にゃるままに (Tsurezure nyaru mama ni)
nyarons is a pop unit formed by bassy and chika.

airy bird - 灰猫と眠る青い薔薇の城。 (Hai-neko to Nemuru Aoibara no Shiro.)
airy bird's 9th single is a "royal fantastic vocal CD".

Saturday, October 21, 2017

M3-40 News: Fantasy

Mamyuuka - カラクリ百貨店 (Karakuri Hyakkaten)
Mamyukka's latest revolves around a mysterious department store.

Absolute Castaway (Nakae Mitsuki) - 刀心幻戯 憶 (Toshin Genki Oku)
Contains piano arranged version of all the tracks that appear in 刀心幻戯 序 (Toshin Genki Jo) and 刀心幻戯 (Toshin Genki), in addition to voice drama. The album also includes a new song that will appear in the group's next project.

Hatsuki Yura - 妖華語り (Ayakashibanagatari)
The theme of Hatsuki Yura's new album will be youkai.

Mishaoru - Starting
The 3rd (and possibly final) single of their Amusement Park Project "Shaorimu no Uso".

Friday, October 20, 2017

M3-40 News: Off the beaten track

A few interesting finds while I was browsing through the list of participating circles.

Nakuru Aitsuki × Sennzai - soleil de minuit
The 1st collaboration CD between female vocalists Aitsuki Nakuru and Sennzai.

One Hundred Wishes - Second Wish ~夜に煌めく碧玲の追憶~ (Yoru ni kirameku aoi rei no tsuioku)
A circle consisting of 8 regular members. This will be their 2nd vocal compilation album, with nighttime and songs with piano as the themes.

PsyGoRecords (TY-2 a.k.a. Framdoll) - MidnightMaiden
An instrumental compilation album with "gothic" as the theme.

何度でも死ねる (Nandodemo shi-neru)- 視聴覚表現作品集 遠い国 (Shichoukaku hyougen sakuhin-shuu Tooi Kuni)
This collection revolves around the idea of combining illustrations and music to evoke the ambience of a faraway land. Each participating composer is given a piece of illustration, and each composer composes a song based on the picture.

anemone - killing me softly
A relatively new circle started by vocalist Yikii and composer ninomiya tatsuki. They describe themselves as a "fairytale like music group".

Thursday, October 19, 2017

M3-40 News: The usual suspects (for the most part)

Hi, it's been awhile. M3-40 will take place on Oct 29th.

Annabel - Nylon Town
With sound production by inktrans, Taguchi Shouichi (Sentimental Vector), bassy and Hasuo Masayuki (siraph).

Guava Co. - Guava Co.
Guava Co. is a collaboration between foolen and takezou (Studio Kurage), and this one will be their second album.

bq studio - 春の魔法 (Haru no Mahou)
New album from b and qurter. A free demo CD containing two of the tracks from the album was released at M3-39.

The Spring Beach Works. - 百面相 "About my multiple personalities" (Hyakumensou)
All songs composed and performed by Nina Branch. Arrangement by Harry.

Primary - liberator
The group's 15th album.

I.L.C -Image Leaf Craft (Orikura Toshinori) - Ribbon
An album with yuri as the theme. Participating vocalists include Yura Mari, Takizawa Ichiru, Sakamoto Misato, Mitose Noriko, Alstar (Konno Sei x Nakamura Meiko), Rita, KAKO♪ and Mundi renovatio.

Corky Voce - The Front and Back
After two years of silence, Corky Voce (Hirose Sayaka and Fujimiya Kei) is back with a new album.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

M3-39 News Part 4

This post should be the last part of M3-39 unless something comes up in the next two days.

Sentimental Vector - Anywhere But Here
"XXX changes in color of Sentimental Vector" is a project where guest composers are invited to write songs for the group. This time's guest composer is bermei.inazawa, with interface as guest lyricist.

PolyphonicBranch - 魂の器 心の在処 (Tamashii no Utsuwa, Kokoro no Arika)
A female vocal album featuring Annabel, Saida Rui, Yuikonnu, ichigo, ダズビー, めありー, Makeinu, Kurokumo and Chata.

Katakiri Rekka is releasing 3 CDs at M3-39. Her website is under construction right now, so the info is on her twitter.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - 櫻戦歌 (Sakura Senka)
A collaboration with HIR on a Japanese style rock single.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - Alcoholic Banquet Score//01
A collaboration with Sebastian on songs with piano accompaniment.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - 霰弾銃兎は遊覧日和の夢に溺れて (Sandanjuu Usagi wa Yuuran Hiyori no Yume ni Oborete)
A collection of songs inspired by the smartphone game "Buriedbornes". Collaborators include Morrigan, Sebastian and 北野敬.

airy bird - aquarium blue
airy bird's 7th single is billed as a healing fantasy.

PRIMAMATERIAL - 久遠の指先 (Kuon no Yubisaki)
The group's 16th CD. With guest vocalist 冬姫.

流浪の民 - 地球の耳鳴り (Chikyuu no Miminari)
With guest vocalist Yuka and the circle's creator Ataiwa Dareka.

Studio Lepus - Misty Cage -Rewrite Edition-
A new arrangement of the group's 1st album.

Larklake - WITHER
According to the website: "Melodious rock & piano instrumental".

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

M3-39 News Part 3

Queen of Wand - BEST side 赤 Radiant Living Red
Queen of Wand - BEST side 白 Sugar White Symposium
Queen of Wand is releasing two best albums to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Side Red, represented by Little Red Riding Hood, is rich, serious and aggressive. Side White, represented by Snow White, is ephemeral, beautiful and romantic. Both albums will contain a new song.

ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY (Nakae Mitsuki) - 刀心幻戯 序 (Toshin Genki Jo)
I can't access AC's website, but you can find a preview of the album here.

And onto the gothic and symphonic rock/metal arena.

Hatsuki Yura - Ghost Sense

Rokugen Alice - Allegory

MISLIAR (KOKOMI) - Questions

AuteCouture (Takuma Tani x KOKOMI) - Blanc noir meteoroid

Ariabl'eyeS - 涙想オートマタ (Ruisou Automata)

Seraph - Black Dahlia