Thursday, April 27, 2017

M3-39 News Part 4

This post should be the last part of M3-39 unless something comes up in the next two days.

Sentimental Vector - Anywhere But Here
"XXX changes in color of Sentimental Vector" is a project where guest composers are invited to write songs for the group. This time's guest composer is bermei.inazawa, with interface as guest lyricist.

PolyphonicBranch - 魂の器 心の在処 (Tamashii no Utsuwa, Kokoro no Arika)
A female vocal album featuring Annabel, Saida Rui, Yuikonnu, ichigo, ダズビー, めありー, Makeinu, Kurokumo and Chata.

Katakiri Rekka is releasing 3 CDs at M3-39. Her website is under construction right now, so the info is on her twitter.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - 櫻戦歌 (Sakura Senka)
A collaboration with HIR on a Japanese style rock single.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - Alcoholic Banquet Score//01
A collaboration with Sebastian on songs with piano accompaniment.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - 霰弾銃兎は遊覧日和の夢に溺れて (Sandanjuu Usagi wa Yuuran Hiyori no Yume ni Oborete)
A collection of songs inspired by the smartphone game "Buriedbornes". Collaborators include Morrigan, Sebastian and 北野敬.

airy bird - aquarium blue
airy bird's 7th single is billed as a healing fantasy.

PRIMAMATERIAL - 久遠の指先 (Kuon no Yubisaki)
The group's 16th CD. With guest vocalist 冬姫.

流浪の民 - 地球の耳鳴り (Chikyuu no Miminari)
With guest vocalist Yuka and the circle's creator Ataiwa Dareka.

Studio Lepus - Misty Cage -Rewrite Edition-
A new arrangement of the group's 1st album.

Larklake - WITHER
According to the website: "Melodious rock & piano instrumental".

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

M3-39 News Part 3

Queen of Wand - BEST side 赤 Radiant Living Red
Queen of Wand - BEST side 白 Sugar White Symposium
Queen of Wand is releasing two best albums to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Side Red, represented by Little Red Riding Hood, is rich, serious and aggressive. Side White, represented by Snow White, is ephemeral, beautiful and romantic. Both albums will contain a new song.

ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY (Nakae Mitsuki) - 刀心幻戯 序 (Toshin Genki Jo)
I can't access AC's website, but you can find a preview of the album here.

And onto the gothic and symphonic rock/metal arena.

Hatsuki Yura - Ghost Sense

Rokugen Alice - Allegory

MISLIAR (KOKOMI) - Questions

AuteCouture (Takuma Tani x KOKOMI) - Blanc noir meteoroid

Ariabl'eyeS - 涙想オートマタ (Ruisou Automata)

Seraph - Black Dahlia

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

M3-39 News Part 2

Lolita Neurosis - Ulysses
Lolita Neurosis - a little bit inside/insight
"Ulysses" is the circle's 17th CD. a little bit inside/insight is a remaster of the circle's 3rd, 5th and 6th CDs.

Lamberti phil from MiddleIsland - Aquaphobia
From MiddleIsland's Nakajima Misaki is a new epic symphony album. With Sakamoto Chiaki and alico on vocal and chorus.

Suzuhaya (Suzuha Yumi) - Ophaniel
A story about the angel of the moon in a cursed castle.

One Hundred Wishes - First Wish~蒼が描いた6つの記憶~ (First Wish ~Mizu ga kaita 6 tsu no Kioku~)
One Hundred Wishes is a new circle formed by 8 members. The concept of their 1st compilation vocal album is water-themed piano-like songs.

Lotus root orchestra - emery3
A compilation CD consisting of self-covers and songs Yuka provided for games and CM etc.

Chibicco Folk (Hoshina Yuko) - TRIFLE -BEST ALBUM-
Hoshina Yuko has been involved in doujin music for ten years, and she's commemorating her 10th anniversary this year with a 2-disc best album. Other than selected songs from her previous CDs, the best album will also contain one new song.

inktrans + Shin Sheena - Dualnature
A collaboration between singer-songwriter inktrans and Laqshe's Shin Sheena.

Monday, April 24, 2017

M3-39 News Part 1

There's still some time to go before M3-39, which will take place on Apr 30th.

152Hz - Figure Skating Compilation "KISS/CRY"
The concept of this album is "music that can be used for figure skating competition". It's split into "short program" and "free skating". There are songs from various genre, both instrumental and vocal.

MISHAORU - Closed parade
Folk female vocal duo is starting a new project called 遊園地プロジェクト 「シャオリムの嘘」 ("Project Amusement Park 'Shaorimu's Lies'"). "Closed parade" is the 1st single in the series, and there are 2 more singles planned.

MemoriaSeries - メモリア書店 (Memoria Shoten)
An album that revolves around a fictitious book shop. Each song in the album corresponds to a different literary genre, such as mystery, horror, fantasy, adventure etc.

space. (kidlit/Fukami Chie) - PARADIGM SHIFT
Fukami Chie is now going by the new name kidlit. You might notice the name "kidlit" in the soundtrack of last year's anime Stella no Mahou. space. is the name of her new solo doujin circle, and "Paradigm Shift" will be her 1st EP under her new name.

Episodes & Melody (Azell) - Oxygen
A new instrumental CD with atom as the theme. Each track is composed with a different chemical element in mind.

A little bit (Goto Haruki) - 紅茶店マスカテル (Koucha-ten Muscatel)
The circle's 13th CD. The concept is a tea house.

foolen - f for fetishism
foolen's new album.

Mamyukka - エッカルト・ユンカーの驚異の部屋 (Eckart Junker's Wunderkammer)
Trust Mamyukka to come up with something different every time. The theme of their latest CD is the cabinets of wonder, also known as wunderkammer.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

M3-38 News Part 3 (and probably the last one)

753. (Shimotsuki Haruka, Hiyama Nao) x Absolute Castaway (Nakae Mitsuki) - Cross Bouquet
A collaboration 2-CD album between the two circles. Disc 1 will contain original songs sung by Shimotsuki Haruka and Nakae Mitsuki. Disc 2 will have Haruka and Mitsuki covering each other's songs.

in the blue (Yamamo Maya) - イデアの森 -Forest of IDEA-
An ethnic symphonic original album from singer-songwriter Yamamo Maya. The main theme is forest. I remember liking their previous album merrow quite a bit, so I'll check this one out.

fumin. - fumin. compilation vol.3 "face"
I've been in the mood for some ambient lately, and I like this one.

Utanoha (Takanashi Mako) - The new Alice Syndrome
M3 would not be complete without an album or two about Alice in Wonderland. The term "New Alice Syndrome" is created by Mako, but Alice in Wonderland Syndrome does exist in real life.

Chocolate lolita (Ouri) - 愛憎ディストーション
Ouri has released several albums in the past, and this one will be her first solo single.

Cafe;Chiffon - noir/blanc
I haven't paid attention to this group in ages. Anyway, this will be their 5th single. Yuka of Lotus root orchestra is the vocalist.

Sugar Bunny* - Spookids
A light-hearted Halloween album from Mamyukka's Mameko.

binaria - diez
binaria's new album. I've already written about it in another post, but for completion's sake, I'll make a note of it here as well.

Monday, October 24, 2016

M3-38 News Part 2

Hatsuki Yura - ORGIA
Of the two Hatsuki Yura albums to be released, this is the heavier one. With gothic and marchen as the main theme.

SeifuuMeigetsu - Halloween of the Dead
Something more light-hearted and playful from Hatsuki Yura and Drop for this year's Halloween.

MISLIAR - 繚乱の華々と浮遊するファルファーラ
Under her new circle MISLIAR, Kokomi will be releasing her 2nd mini album, which ties in to her first mini album. FYI both mini albums feature live instruments.

At the Garret - 屋根裏美術館-West Wing- (Yaneura Bijutsukan -West Wing-)
At the Garret is a circle created by lyricist-songwriter Kiriya Jun. The circle hasn't released that many CDs so far, and this one will be their 4th CD. The prequel, Yaneura Bijutsukan -East Wing- was released at last year's spring M3. Participating vocalists include Coto, Akari and Yayoi.

Innocent Rogue - Romanesque
A classical album by Lily+ featuring operatic vocal and multitrack chorus. Guest vocalists include alico, Ryo (Ether) and el ma Riu.

airy bird - 三毛猫探偵と午前0時の時計台。
airy bird's 6th single is a "riddle solving fantastical vocal CD". It's the story of a tortoiseshell cat detective, a phantom thief and clockwork.

A little bit (Gotoh Haruki) - 路地裏ウタカタ通リ
The circle's 12th CD is set in a neon street at night. The cover art features a dog private detective and a cat lady. (I'm seeing a pattern here.)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

M3-38 News Part 1

Yup, it's that time of year again. M3-38 will take place on October 30th.

Mamyukka - 世界空想楽大系 (Sekai Kuusougaku Taikei; World Fantasmusica System)
Mamyukka's 1st ever best album (and 17th CD). The album contains 15 tracks in total: 12 previously released tracks, 2 re-recorded tracks, and 1 new track. The album will also include an 80-page guide book detailing all their past music releases, from Evilz right up to M3-37's Theatre Etoile.

MUSIRISCA (Yuria Miyazono) - Filou E.P.
Yuria's new EP previews 3 tracks that will appear in her upcoming album (to be released in 2017). The EP also includes a bonus track. The theme of the EP is a fragment about the forest of sorrow, woven with English words and multitrack chorus. FYI she also performed the vocal for one of the BGMs in this season's TV anime series Shuumatsu no Izetta.

SnowApple x I.L.C-Image Leaf Craft- x Tokkuri Kyuusu x FataMorgana - べつのせかい (Betsu no Sekai)
A collaboration between vocalist YuNa (FataMorgana), vocalist Kunii (Tokkuri Kyuusu), the circle SnowApple and composer Orikura Toshinori (I.L.C-Image Leaf Craft-).

Kurayami Yokocyo x Episodes & Melody x Kimi no Oto. - Like a Night Fish - 川底幻燈イメージアルバム (Kawazoko Gentou Image Album)
A bit of an odd duck, this album is an "image compilation CD" for Kurayami Yokocyo's self-published manga Kawazoko Gentou. The composers are Azell (Episodes & Melody), Mashima Cocoro (Kimi no Oto.) and a_hisa. Takizawa Ichiru sings one of the tracks. An ambient album with a very dreamy feeling to it.

Seardrop (Sennzai) - Arrêter le temps
Vocalist Sennzai's 1st solo album. I don't know much about her, but I like what I've heard of the crossfade demo.

Ether - 闇堕精霊譚
Ether has totally gone over to the high fantasy zone ever since they got Erumu Nagi as their vocalist. Anyway, their latest CD is a dark fantasy album told through battle symphonic rock, featuring female vocal and multitrack chorus in a make-up language.