Saturday, August 11, 2018

lasah's 3rd album "MOTHER"

I've been under a rock lately, so I'd missed out on most of the C94 news: the new Annabel album, the collaboration between Annabel and lasah etc.

Also, lasah is releasing her 3rd original album "MOTHER" on Sep 14. The new album is a concept album based on 9 manga by Osamu Tezuka. The trailer of the album is available on youtube.

Source: lasah Official Website

Friday, April 27, 2018

M3-41 Extra

I just saw this announcement today, so I'm adding it here.

Annabel - fall into a lilac slumber
Annabel is releasing a new single. The composer is Sentimental Vector's Taguchi Shuuichi.

And while I'm at it...

Sentimental Vector + siraph - ストーリーテラー (Storyteller)
A new single and a collaboration between Sentimental Vector and siraph.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

M3-41 News

Just a quick update. M3-41 will take place on Apr 29. It will also mark the 20th anniversary of M3.

Rokugen Alice - Blood of Sorrow
Rokugen Alice goes for classic horror with an album inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula. The songs are written from Mina's perspective.

Hatsuki Yura - 虚構の楽園 (Kyokou no Rakuen)
A song collection of "ethnic dark fairy tale".

MISLIAR - Mystic◆Borderline
4th mini album.

Occolle-Okka Works Collection-
A compilation album of vocal songs written by Mamyukka's Okka for non-Mamyukka projects. Participating vocalists include Mameko (Mamyukka, Sugar Bunny*), Nakae Mitsuki (Absolute Castaway), Gotoh Haruki (A little bit), Ikeda Show, Saitou Michiru (Skyer), Hatsuki Yura, Chikamori Kayako (Yousan bunko), Chi-na, and Kurosaki Kirito. There are also 2 instrumental tracks Okka has written for Mamyukka.

The room of Show Ikeda & A little bit (Gotoh Haruki) & Yousan bunko (Chikamori Kayako) & Mamyukka - のらねこ秘密結社 (Noraneko Himitsu Kessha)
A collaboration between four doujin music circles. They'll also be holding a live on April 30th.

A little bit (Gotoh Haruki) - Club Patina
A jazzy CD of glamour and nightlife.

Absolute Castaway (Nakae Mitsuki) - ASTRO=GRAPH
The latest addition to Nakae Mitsuki's heavenly body fantasy series.

MUSIRISCA (Yuria Miyazono) - Forest in the Mist
Yuria Miyazono's 2nd full album. "English words, soprano and fantasy chorus woven into an encounter in the forest of sorrow."

Lolita Neurosis (Rimiyu) - Dolores
18th CD from Rimiyu.

Primary - Survive/Last moment
12th single.

にゃーろんず (nyarons) - 徒然にゃるままに (Tsurezure nyaru mama ni)
nyarons is a pop unit formed by bassy and chika.

airy bird - 灰猫と眠る青い薔薇の城。 (Hai-neko to Nemuru Aoibara no Shiro.)
airy bird's 9th single is a "royal fantastic vocal CD".

Saturday, October 21, 2017

M3-40 News: Fantasy

Mamyuuka - カラクリ百貨店 (Karakuri Hyakkaten)
Mamyukka's latest revolves around a mysterious department store.

Absolute Castaway (Nakae Mitsuki) - 刀心幻戯 憶 (Toshin Genki Oku)
Contains piano arranged version of all the tracks that appear in 刀心幻戯 序 (Toshin Genki Jo) and 刀心幻戯 (Toshin Genki), in addition to voice drama. The album also includes a new song that will appear in the group's next project.

Hatsuki Yura - 妖華語り (Ayakashibanagatari)
The theme of Hatsuki Yura's new album will be youkai.

Mishaoru - Starting
The 3rd (and possibly final) single of their Amusement Park Project "Shaorimu no Uso".

Friday, October 20, 2017

M3-40 News: Off the beaten track

A few interesting finds while I was browsing through the list of participating circles.

Nakuru Aitsuki × Sennzai - soleil de minuit
The 1st collaboration CD between female vocalists Aitsuki Nakuru and Sennzai.

One Hundred Wishes - Second Wish ~夜に煌めく碧玲の追憶~ (Yoru ni kirameku aoi rei no tsuioku)
A circle consisting of 8 regular members. This will be their 2nd vocal compilation album, with nighttime and songs with piano as the themes.

PsyGoRecords (TY-2 a.k.a. Framdoll) - MidnightMaiden
An instrumental compilation album with "gothic" as the theme.

何度でも死ねる (Nandodemo shi-neru)- 視聴覚表現作品集 遠い国 (Shichoukaku hyougen sakuhin-shuu Tooi Kuni)
This collection revolves around the idea of combining illustrations and music to evoke the ambience of a faraway land. Each participating composer is given a piece of illustration, and each composer composes a song based on the picture.

anemone - killing me softly
A relatively new circle started by vocalist Yikii and composer ninomiya tatsuki. They describe themselves as a "fairytale like music group".

Thursday, October 19, 2017

M3-40 News: The usual suspects (for the most part)

Hi, it's been awhile. M3-40 will take place on Oct 29th.

Annabel - Nylon Town
With sound production by inktrans, Taguchi Shouichi (Sentimental Vector), bassy and Hasuo Masayuki (siraph).

Guava Co. - Guava Co.
Guava Co. is a collaboration between foolen and takezou (Studio Kurage), and this one will be their second album.

bq studio - 春の魔法 (Haru no Mahou)
New album from b and qurter. A free demo CD containing two of the tracks from the album was released at M3-39.

The Spring Beach Works. - 百面相 "About my multiple personalities" (Hyakumensou)
All songs composed and performed by Nina Branch. Arrangement by Harry.

Primary - liberator
The group's 15th album.

I.L.C -Image Leaf Craft (Orikura Toshinori) - Ribbon
An album with yuri as the theme. Participating vocalists include Yura Mari, Takizawa Ichiru, Sakamoto Misato, Mitose Noriko, Alstar (Konno Sei x Nakamura Meiko), Rita, KAKO♪ and Mundi renovatio.

Corky Voce - The Front and Back
After two years of silence, Corky Voce (Hirose Sayaka and Fujimiya Kei) is back with a new album.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

M3-39 News Part 4

This post should be the last part of M3-39 unless something comes up in the next two days.

Sentimental Vector - Anywhere But Here
"XXX changes in color of Sentimental Vector" is a project where guest composers are invited to write songs for the group. This time's guest composer is bermei.inazawa, with interface as guest lyricist.

PolyphonicBranch - 魂の器 心の在処 (Tamashii no Utsuwa, Kokoro no Arika)
A female vocal album featuring Annabel, Saida Rui, Yuikonnu, ichigo, ダズビー, めありー, Makeinu, Kurokumo and Chata.

Katakiri Rekka is releasing 3 CDs at M3-39. Her website is under construction right now, so the info is on her twitter.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - 櫻戦歌 (Sakura Senka)
A collaboration with HIR on a Japanese style rock single.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - Alcoholic Banquet Score//01
A collaboration with Sebastian on songs with piano accompaniment.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - 霰弾銃兎は遊覧日和の夢に溺れて (Sandanjuu Usagi wa Yuuran Hiyori no Yume ni Oborete)
A collection of songs inspired by the smartphone game "Buriedbornes". Collaborators include Morrigan, Sebastian and 北野敬.

airy bird - aquarium blue
airy bird's 7th single is billed as a healing fantasy.

PRIMAMATERIAL - 久遠の指先 (Kuon no Yubisaki)
The group's 16th CD. With guest vocalist 冬姫.

流浪の民 - 地球の耳鳴り (Chikyuu no Miminari)
With guest vocalist Yuka and the circle's creator Ataiwa Dareka.

Studio Lepus - Misty Cage -Rewrite Edition-
A new arrangement of the group's 1st album.

Larklake - WITHER
According to the website: "Melodious rock & piano instrumental".