Monday, April 24, 2017

M3-39 News Part 1

There's still some time to go before M3-39, which will take place on Apr 30th.

152Hz - Figure Skating Compilation "KISS/CRY"
The concept of this album is "music that can be used for figure skating competition". It's split into "short program" and "free skating". There are songs from various genre, both instrumental and vocal.

MISHAORU - Closed parade
Folk female vocal duo is starting a new project called 遊園地プロジェクト 「シャオリムの嘘」 ("Project Amusement Park 'Shaorimu's Lies'"). "Closed parade" is the 1st single in the series, and there are 2 more singles planned.

MemoriaSeries - メモリア書店 (Memoria Shoten)
An album that revolves around a fictitious book shop. Each song in the album corresponds to a different literary genre, such as mystery, horror, fantasy, adventure etc.

space. (kidlit/Fukami Chie) - PARADIGM SHIFT
Fukami Chie is now going by the new name kidlit. You might notice the name "kidlit" in the soundtrack of last year's anime Stella no Mahou. space. is the name of her new solo doujin circle, and "Paradigm Shift" will be her 1st EP under her new name.

Episodes & Melody (Azell) - Oxygen
A new instrumental CD with atom as the theme. Each track is composed with a different chemical element in mind.

A little bit (Goto Haruki) - 紅茶店マスカテル (Koucha-ten Muscatel)
The circle's 13th CD. The concept is a tea house.

foolen - f for fetishism
foolen's new album.

Mamyukka - エッカルト・ユンカーの驚異の部屋 (Eckart Junker's Wunderkammer)
Trust Mamyukka to come up with something different every time. The theme of their latest CD is the cabinets of wonder, also known as wunderkammer.

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