Sunday, October 16, 2016

M3-38 News Part 1

Yup, it's that time of year again. M3-38 will take place on October 30th.

Mamyukka - 世界空想楽大系 (Sekai Kuusougaku Taikei; World Fantasmusica System)
Mamyukka's 1st ever best album (and 17th CD). The album contains 15 tracks in total: 12 previously released tracks, 2 re-recorded tracks, and 1 new track. The album will also include an 80-page guide book detailing all their past music releases, from Evilz right up to M3-37's Theatre Etoile.

MUSIRISCA (Yuria Miyazono) - Filou E.P.
Yuria's new EP previews 3 tracks that will appear in her upcoming album (to be released in 2017). The EP also includes a bonus track. The theme of the EP is a fragment about the forest of sorrow, woven with English words and multitrack chorus. FYI she also performed the vocal for one of the BGMs in this season's TV anime series Shuumatsu no Izetta.

SnowApple x I.L.C-Image Leaf Craft- x Tokkuri Kyuusu x FataMorgana - べつのせかい (Betsu no Sekai)
A collaboration between vocalist YuNa (FataMorgana), vocalist Kunii (Tokkuri Kyuusu), the circle SnowApple and composer Orikura Toshinori (I.L.C-Image Leaf Craft-).

Kurayami Yokocyo x Episodes & Melody x Kimi no Oto. - Like a Night Fish - 川底幻燈イメージアルバム (Kawazoko Gentou Image Album)
A bit of an odd duck, this album is an "image compilation CD" for Kurayami Yokocyo's self-published manga Kawazoko Gentou. The composers are Azell (Episodes & Melody), Mashima Cocoro (Kimi no Oto.) and a_hisa. Takizawa Ichiru sings one of the tracks. An ambient album with a very dreamy feeling to it.

Seardrop (Sennzai) - Arrêter le temps
Vocalist Sennzai's 1st solo album. I don't know much about her, but I like what I've heard of the crossfade demo.

Ether - 闇堕精霊譚
Ether has totally gone over to the high fantasy zone ever since they got Erumu Nagi as their vocalist. Anyway, their latest CD is a dark fantasy album told through battle symphonic rock, featuring female vocal and multitrack chorus in a make-up language.

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