Sunday, October 18, 2015

M3-36 News Part 2

Ether - 天界学園メフィルトワーネ (Tenkai Gakuen Mefyllt-wane)
An "original ethnic style fantasy mini album". The concept of the album is a school in heaven that gathers together angels who wish to reincarnate. With Lily (WAVE) as guest vocalist for track 4.

a little bit (Goto Haruki) - 夢見る朝食 (Yume Miru petit dejeune)
Goto Haruki's 10th CD centres on a baku, a supernatural creature in Japanese mythology who eats dreams. But the music leans towards her usual jazzy/European style.

Mitose Noriko - tSoLE
Vocalist Mitose Noriko's newest mini album in three years is a collaboration with composer and arranger Mitaki Koh (Studio Lepus).

SeifuuMeigetsu - Phantom of the Flame
A new SeifuuMeigetsu CD that gets delayed for quite some time.

Hatsuki Yura - Secret de Chat Noir
A jazzy kayōkyoku style CD from Hatsuki Yura.

Corky Voce - Beautiful Days
Another circle that hasn't released anything in ages. Corky Voce will be releasing its 3rd mini album at M3-36.

Chibicco-Folk (Hoshina Yuko) - Trick Box
A new single from Hoshina Yuko. It will only be available at M3-36, and track 2 is a preview for her upcoming CD to be released in 2016.

Utanoha (Takanashi Mako) - うたのは和素材集「わそざい」
A collection of Japanese style song material. The music is composed with the image Touken Ranbu (a collectible card online game) in mind.

Mamyukka - Doctor Nacht
Mamyukka will go plague doctor style with their 15th CD.

Again, just making a note of the following.

en;Dolphin records - Pinky Cream -Paradox-

Queen of Wand - 白金城のお淑やかな魔物

Toki no Shikkoku - 時間線上アリス

Starry Garden (Konno Sei) - Noble Faith

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