Monday, October 12, 2015

M3-36 News Part 1

Hi, it's been a while. I skipped out on C88 because there weren't that many new releases I was interested in.

Also, regarding requests for reupload, I won't be able to reupload the files at this time. You might want to try searching on instead. has a large collection of doujin music both old and new.

Anyway, let's get on with the news. M3-36 will take place on Oct 25.

Absolute Castaway - マチガミ少女 (Machigami Shoujo)
Nakae Mitsuki is collaborating with MeltyRecords' Noah on what Mitsuki describes as a "retro Japanese style fantasy series". This single is the first entry to the series.

Absolute Castaway - Halloween Night Parade
Nakae Mitsuki's 2nd CD for M3-36 is tailored for Halloween. With composition by okka (Mamyukka), Morrigan and HIR.

Adresse (Nakamura Meiko) - 雪纏ノ乙女
Nakamura Meiko shows off her versatility by singing songs from various genres in her 1st mini album.

miniOort (10minimal) - ヒトリ空想跡 (Hitori Kusou Ato)
Something relaxing to listen to during the autumn season. miniOort is the new circle name that replaces Mizu-Scale.

Secret Messenger - Astronomia
Secret Messenger's 10th album blends together post-punk and electronica to create a story about space.

Pratanallis - Mystic Night
1st mini album from a new symphonic rock circle. Guest vocalists include Meramipop, eupe, Kouduki Yuka and Katakiri Rekka.

Suzuhaya (Suzuha Yumi) - Niveus 生神として崇められ、死神として散った少女
Suzuha Yumi has been busy composing music for games and drama CDs, so she hasn't released any solo work in a while. This new album will be her first solo work in three years.

I.L.C -Image Leaf Craft- - Therapy
Orikura Toshinori's 6th original album. Participating vocalists include Yoshikawa Sunao, aya Sueki, Takizawa Ichiru, Sakamoto Misato, YuNa, KAKO♪ and Nakamura Meiko.

Just making a note of the following.

Seraph - 生死輪廻

-LostFairy- 乙女が紡ぐ古のマドリガーレ

Ariabl'eyes - 黎明シンフォニア

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