Saturday, April 25, 2015

M3-35 Assorted News

Tomorrow is the big day, and there are a bunch of releases I've missed in my previous posts.

arcane - momentum
New single. Guest artists include Watanabe "nabeken" Kenichi (guitar), Fukami Chie (piano), Tsuchiya Reiko (violin), rionos (chorus/programming).

yoshihisa nagao - Untitled Samples Disk-05 -lost tracks 2-
Electronic music. It's been a long time since binaria functions as a group, so it's nice to know that binaria will be performing one of the tracks on this CD.

Initium Records (Lotus root orchestra) - ラ・ラ・ファータ Chapter 1 (La La Fata Chapter 1)
New single from Yuka. Three choral tracks + piano & oboe bonus track.

2.8mile x Krik/Krak - 妖精郷まで何マイル -Happy birthday, dear Cerridwen- (Celt made nani Mile)
Krik/Krak is another group that hasn't released anything for some time. This is a Celtic compilation album with narration. Participating circles include Mairéad, sileas, Green Linnet Records, Escarmew (Casket), Almee, Krik/Krak and 2.8mile.

カヲル&ファブリーズ (kaworu&Febreze) - YuNakIchiru
A new unit formed by lyricist Kawaru and guitarist-songwriter yu-ji. Participating vocalists include YuNa, naki and Takizawa Ichiru, hence the name of the album.

bermei.inazawa - Tone
A compilation album of songs bermei.inazawa had written for other doujin music circles.

流浪の民 (Rulo no Tami) - カンニバライズ・カーニヴァル (Cannibalize Carnival)
A "werewolf game image vocal album". Participating vocalists include Ataiwa Dareka, Takanashi Mako, Yuka and Ootake Miyu.

bassy feat. 力石好乃 (Chikaraishi Yoshino) - ソラは飛べない (Sora wa Tobenai)
bassy's new solo mini album, this time with vocalist Chikaraishi Yoshino, who has worked with bassy before.

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