Tuesday, April 21, 2015

M3-35 News: Piano, Instrumental, Folk and Others

Guava Co. - Moratorium Anthropology
A new circle formed by Studio Kurage's composer takezou and vocalist foolen.

Lolita Neurosis - lilin
A remaster album of Lolita Neurosis' first 2 CDs, "Lilith" and "Rirya".

Kimi no On. x Kurayami Yokochou x Episodes & Melody - フエラムネの向こう側 (Hueramune no Mukou Kawa)
A "story-style piano CD", with a mixture of piano pieces, narration/voice acting, and vocal tracks. All the tracks are composed by pianist Mashima Cocoro. The story takes place at a harbour at night.

bq Studio - 四季慕情 (Shiki Bojyou)
Ballads with b on vocal and qurter on keyboard.

Corolaska - 黄昏のロア (Yuugata no Roa)
Folk music with Yuria Miyazono, Matsumoto Sara and Koutarou on vocal.

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