Tuesday, August 12, 2014

C86 News Part 5

Ampersand You - 指輪をしたアンドロイド\観測者の歯車 (Yubiwa wo shita Android/Kansokusha no Haguruma)
Ampersand You's 2nd release will be a 4-track single (2 songs and 2 instrumental) composed and arranged by myu, and performed by Chata and Annabel respectively.

ALSTROeMERIA (Lily) - ヒストリアス (Historias)
Lily's first vocal solo album is a collaborative effort with WAVE and AVTechNO!; Lily is the current vocalist for WAVE. Participating composers include Morrigan, AVTechNO! and Takasaka Masayoshi.

Usagi Kinoko (Chata) - アコースティックに もげして (Acoustic ni Mogeshite)
Chata's 11th release under her own circle. An acoustic rearrangement of her older songs.

onoken - Testimony ver.β
Data disc. This is a preview for the upcoming long remix full album of songs that onoken had composed for Cytus, a rhythm game developed in Taiwan. onoken uses the alias "ani" for the game.

Eine Kleine - 月影聖域-サンクチュアリ- (Tsukikage Seiiki -Sanctuary-)
New album from Eine Kleine. With Kuroneko on vocal, Sakuya as composer, arranger and guitarist. For some reason, I'm feeling nostalgic about listening to this kind of music again.

Genkaku Aria - Genkaku Aria
I couldn't access the website for some reason. Anyway, this release will be the circle's first album, and they released their 1st single at M3-33. The circle itself consists of composer yukki# and vocalist 月乃紫音 (Tsukino Shion), and their music leans towards Gothic rock.
Website: http://www.genkakuaria.com/
Crossfade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAcBrXrCAW0

In other news, Shoujo Byou won't be releasing their new album at C86. It got pushed back to C87. The delay is due to individual members being busy with their own project.

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