Sunday, August 10, 2014

C86 News Part 4 + Usacolony's Disbandment

bassy - 青春サラバイ・後編 (Seishun Sarabai Kouhen)
The second half of Seishun Sarabai. Participating vocalists include Annabel, 力石好乃, maimie, Chata and Seriyu.

Usacolony - Usakoro Best
A self-cover best album from Usacolony. In addition, Usacolony has announced on Aug 9 that they will cease activity as a group with this release. On their website, they cite the reason being that the members are busy with their solo activity, and it's becoming difficult for the members to get together.

GEOGRAPHIC's 7th release will guest artists Annabel, Fukami Chie and Ryo Takahashi.

Eclipseed - Cross Again
Eclipseed is releasing their 5th single, and it is also the 3rd CD in Eclipseed's vampire series.

Re:puər - Fairy Forest
A circle formed by three female vocalists, akari, Cathy and ちっぽ (Chippo). Their latest is a "fantasy pops" CD with music composed by Ether's Ryo.

時栗宮子 (Tokkurikyuusu) - みんなでみんなのみんなのうた その2 (Minna de Minna no Minna no Uta ~ Sono 2)
Produced by Tokkurikyuusu, this is an 18-track cover album of popular Japanese songs, spanning various genre. Some of the participating vocalists include Hiyama Riku, Cruise, Yuizuki Sora, Yuka, Yuy, Gotou Haruki, Yayane Hiroko, Kunii (Tokkurikyuusu), Izumi Aya and others.

Studio Lepus - Malice in Underland
The circle's 2nd concept album, mainly instrumental with some chorus on a few tracks. The music isn't as dark as the artwork on the special page make it out to be.

Mishaoru has updated their website, so the special page for Unabara no Mayu is up now.

Just an aside. You get used to doujin circles (or bands, for that matter) disbanding after a while, but it's always a little disheartening when you read the news.