Thursday, October 16, 2014

M3-34 News Part 1

It's that time of year again. M3-34 will take place on Oct 26.

Mamyukka - Haunted Party Orchestra
Hallowe'en is right up Mamyukka's alley, and at last they are releasing a new mini album devoted entirely to the occasion.

arcane - バーニシア (Bernicia)
arcane's maxi single, with LIZ on vocal.

Starry Garden (Konno Sei) - True Image
Konno Sei's 11th album.

Musirisca (Miyazono Yuria) - Nocte
Miyazono Yuria's 1st full album. She also produces, composes and does mixing and mastering of her own album.

Seraph - Ateliépoque
Seraph now has a new website, and they are also releasing their 1st album.

Hatsuki Yura - WICKED
Latest from Hatsuki Yura, with witches and darkness as the theme.

MiddleIsland - Elixio
The site describes this single as "instrument on chorus".

Ether - 地底都市ディヴァルデイト (Chitei Toshi Dvaldit)
The second CD in their 幻想世界シルフィネス過去編 series is this new album.

ArsMagnA - 小さな魔女と秘密の本 (Chiisana Majo to Himitsu no Hon)
A story album from ArsMagnA: a combination of songs and voice drama. With voice actresses Fukada Ai, Tanezaki Atsumi and Saitou Yuka.

Lotus root Orchestra - 文学少女ノ乱 (Bungaku Shoujo no Ran)
Mini album from Yuka. The three vocal tracks are based on three non-existent novels she made up. Participating composers include Orikura Toshinori (I.L.C -Image Leaf Craft-), takezou (Studio-Kurage) and Kai Yuu (Land-YOU).

Here is something that isn't really related to M3.

セフィロトの夢想曲 ~Sephirothic Traumerei~
Probably one of the biggest collaborations of the year. The 11 participating circles are:
Mistery Circle
Dragon Guardian
Iron Attack!
Lolita Neurosis
Rokugen Alice
The story revolves around a young court musician and his journey to find the Tree of Sephiroth. The album will be on sale on Oct 26, but there is no announcement as to whether or not it will be available at M3.

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