Friday, August 8, 2014

C86 News Part 3

Hmm, I'm seeing a lot of Kancolle (Kantai Collection). Even has jumped into the Kancolle craze. They are releasing a Kancolle arranged CD at C86, and they already released a Kancolle arranged CD at C85.

Closed/Underground (Katakiri Rekka) - 逆廻遊戯 或いは某医師の愉快な記録 (Sakamaki Yuugi -Arui wa Soregashi Isha no Yukai na Kiroku
A sequel to Katakiri Rekka's infamous 18+ music & drama CD, Gensou Haijin, which in turn was a twisted reimagining of Alice in Wonderland. Sakamaki Yuugi is split into two CDs: a music CD that include a new song and piano arrangement of 4 songs from Gensou Haijin, and a drama CD. The drama CD is listed as 18+. Rekka is also re-releasing Gensou Haijin at C86.
Gensou Haijin:
Sakamaki Yuuji:

Closed/Underground - ワンコインでわかる片霧烈火CD (One Coin de Wakaru Katakiri Rekka CD)
Rekka's other release is a slightly bewildering CD featuring an introduction by Rekka, crossfade demo of her recent albums, and full chorus version of some of her album songs. As the title of the CD says, the CD is priced at one coin, i.e., 500 yen.

Sugar Bunny* (Mameko) - CandyxIce
Another pop and happy mini album from Mamyukka's resident vocalist.

Eryps - Apart
The circle's 5th album features Chata, Nakae Mitsuki and Merami Poppu on vocal. This is the 3rd CD of the cirlce's vampire girl series.

my sound life - lotus
New album from my sound life, a circle comprises of vocalist Chata and iyuna's Iwasaki and Haru.

FELT - Fortunes Gate
Touhou. Just making a note of this.

Hatsunetsumikos - DANCE with WOLVES
The other Touhou arranged circle I listen to. Again, just making a note.

In case anyone is interested, love solfege will be composing the theme song and BGM for a new PS Vita otome game called Reine des fleurs. The OP theme song is performed by Marie. You can check out the OP movie clip under "Special".

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