Friday, April 25, 2014

M3-33 News Part 3

Wave - Spring ephemeral
Wave's new mini album is so spring-like. With Lily on vocal. The lyrics can be found on the mini album webpage.

PolyphonicBranch - 竜の涙 聲の羅針盤
A "female vocal concept album". Participating vocalists include Yanagi Nagi, ichigo, Chata, yuiko, Usa, Himawari, Fukami Chie and Annabel.

Closed/Underground - The Greatest Legend of Nyamona
A "super epic heroic fantasy" album from Katakiri Rekka.

Primary - fragile garden / 翳り空
Primary's 9th single.

Chibicco Folks (Hoshina Yuko) - Imagine Gate
Her 9th single.

arcane - アルデュイナ
New single, with LIZ on vocal.

Eryps - Road
Featuring Katakiri Rekka.

Lolita Neurosis - Chercher Etoile

Niusounds - Solitude ~link with our life~
A collaboration with vocalist Intercity. All I can say is go ahead and listen to the crossfade demo.

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