Sunday, April 20, 2014

M3-33 News Part 2

Starry Garden (Konno Sei) - Deep Impact
New album.

Secret Messenger - ラスト・ラバーズ (Last Lovers)
The group's 7th album features songs of tragic feelings. With Sara, theta, Kazukin and tomo on vocal.

aki taekawa (Nanjo Akira) - Daydream Planet
Female vocalist Nanjo Akira has changed her name, and now she's known as Taekawa Aki. She's a part of Rocketeer Tracks (with Nakagawa Netalow as the composer). Daydream Planet will be Aki's 1st single. The first track is the rearrangement of Francis Poulenc's "Ave Maria" from his opera "Dialogues of the Carmelites".

Lost Fairy - 呪われし亡国のメフィストフェレス
Ariabl'eyeS - 蒼月ラメント
Two of the four circles from ArsMagnA will be participating in M3.

Hatsuki Yura x Seraph - 蒼炎の姫君 (Souen no Himegimi)
A collaboration between Hatsuki Yura and Seraph. Seraph is a circle belonging to ArsMagnA, with Alice Eden's Hikarinosu serving as main composer, Irori as guest composer and 海紅 as vocalist.

MiddleIsland - 閉鎖空間 (Heisa Kuukan)
Epic music depicting a fantasy world. With Sakamoto Chiaki on vocal and chorus.

bassy - 僕のスキなうた (Boku no Suki na Uta)
A single consisting of cover songs of classic Japanese songs. Participating vocalists include Annabel, Chata, Fukami Chie and Migien.

A little bit (Gotou Haruki) - Sol et Luna
The passionate world of love with a dash of Latin flair.

studioCampanella (bermei.inazawa) - berpop melodies & Remixies vol. 2
Vol 1 was released back in 2005, so it's been a while. Participating vocalists include acane_madder, Annabel, RyoRca, Takizawa Ichiru, anporin, Chata, Yura Mari and Kanda Seijiro.

CanariaRhythm - 翌亡き春のメモリア
A new circle created by Takanashi Mako and illustrator/artist Torishima. This CD seems to be related to their MTP series, released under Takanashi Mako's own circle, Utanoha.

Alice Eden - 狡智狡猾レプタイル
5th single. With Konno Sei on vocal.

Koszonto - Ophanil
A collaboration between Nishijima Sondai and Fukami Chie. Concept design by foolen.

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