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C86 News Part 1

Hello all. First off, general maintainance. If you haven't noticed yet, Nakidori no Rakuen is on You can find the link on the side bar. Also, we've closed down the forum.

It's been a long time since the last time I posted anything here. The main reason is that there hasn't been much happening in the doujin music world lately. But now that C86 (Aug 17 for doujin music) is two weeks away, I finally have something to say. So here we go. Be prepared for a long list.

Mishaoru - うなばらの繭 (Unabara no Mayu)
The long-awaited 3rd mini album from Mishaoru features the sea as the theme. No updates on the website yet though.

ハコファクトリィ (Hako Factory) - Crystalline
A mini album that "morning, afternoon, night" as the image. With music by rionos and Mishaoru's Akiyama Kaoru on vocal. In keeping with the title of the CD, the CD itself will also be transparent.

Just making a note of what's going on with the other half of Mishaoru. Sakamoto Misato is in a circle called 月猫とリュート (Tsuki Neko to Lute), a "lute and vocal duo", with lute player Kuno Masashi as composer. So far, they've released two prelude CDs and performed live with other artists. Very lovely music.

Absolute Castaway - 金平糖レトロチカ (Konpeitou Retrotica)
"Retro Japanese style fantasy" album. This album will include all the tracks from Nakae Mitsuki's old single, 金平糖ロマネスク (Konpeitou Romanesque).

Rokugen Alice - 不思議の国の音哲樂 夢語り篇 (Fushigi no Kuni no Ontetsuraku ~Yumegatari Hen)
Continuing with the "Wonderland's Music Philosophy" series, this album will be the 2nd album in the series. A preview CD was released last year at C85.

Ether - 幻想世界シルフィネス (Gensou Sekai Symphonies)
深眠症 (Insomnia) - 眠りのための幻想音楽 The Best of Sleep Music (Nemuri no Tame no Gensou Ongaku)
I'm putting Insomnia's new work here as well because this is the name Ryo uses for his sleep music project. Gensou Sekai Symphonies is a free BGM material CD, which means you can get it for free at C86. The trailer for this CD is a movie clip of a (probably non-existent) RPG featuring the music from the upcoming CD. You are free to use the music on this CD for anything (your self-made game etc.).

Queen of Wand - 純愛裁判 (Jyun-ai Saiban)
After the sweet and cute Honey, Mustard, Lemon, Ginger!, QoW has gone back to its darker root. The keywords for this new mini album are pure love and courtroom.

Symholic - 鮮血に捧ぐ三度目の黒鏡 (Senketsu ni Sasagu Sandome no Kuro Kagami)
A circle started by Paspal, who's the only member. A guest vocalist is brought in for each release, and the group's 5th CD will feature Hatsuki Yura on vocal.

Lotus root Orchestra - ツキナミのコト -Special Disk- (Tsukinami no Koto)
A special CD + DVD + illustration booklet set for Yuka's solo live concert "Tsukinami no Koto", which took place back on May 11. The CD contains both new tracks and new arrangement and remix of old songs.

canoue - canoue chronicle
I keep losing track of which name this group goes by nowadays... Anyway, this will be the group's 1st album. It will contain tracks from canoue I, II and III, the Shimotsuki Haruka collaboration live complementary CD, plus new tracks. Also, canoue will be holding its 1st live on Oct 4.

Tokyo Audio Waffle (en;Dolphin Records) - Travel Sound Sandwiches
Electronic dance music. All the song titles in this mostly instrumental album refer to a dessert or a drink, but it's more metropolitan than sweet.

Pixelbee - 繰り返す風景、新しい景色 (Kurikaesu Fuukei, Atarashii Keshiki)
New single with Kudo on vocal. Something relaxing to listen to.

Pink69s - philia
Pink69s is a unit created by kikyow (music, vocal) and Satou Nekomaru (vocal, design). Guest composers and mixers include KA=YA, 六歌, Cait Sith, Ryo, Sakuya and 夢兎-moo-. For now, this one seems to be a combination of rock and jazz?

Yuizuki Sora (Soranetarium) feat. Marica - 月ニ吠エレバ金色ノ (Tsuki ni Hoereba Konjiki no)
This one was supposed to be released at M3-33, but it got pushed back. A reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood. With Funczion Sounds' Marcia contributing the music and vocal.

Takanashi Mako (Utanoha) - 俺と魔王の領土戦争 (Ore to Maou no Ryoudo Sensou)
Takanashi Mako's new single has a very light-novel-like title. Don't often hear her sing in this kind of cute voice.

In other news, tinkerbell sound label has officially ceased all activity as of April 2014.

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