Monday, April 14, 2014

M3-33 News Part 1

foolen - F For Folklore Vol. 01 Nostalgia
A rearrangement of folk songs. Vol. 1 contains three songs, one in Chinese, one in German, and one in Japanese.

Queen of Wand - Honey, Mustard, Lemon, Ginger!
The title sounds like a recipe for something cute and sweet, and it is. This mini album contains 4 tracks, and each song title corresponds to the food in the album title.

753 x Absolute Castaway - Another Flower
A collaboration between Shimotsuki Haruka's 753 and Nakae Mitsuki's Absolute Castaway. Simply put, they are covering each other's songs.

Mamyukka - 百鬼夜行草子 (Hyakkiyakou Soushi)
Considering Mamyukka's track record, it's no surprise that they would release a youkai vocal album sooner or later. The sound leans more towards traditional Japanese music, but the playfulness that is the circle's signature sound is present. They are going to release a regular version and a limited first edition. The limited first edition will include a novel and other things.

Ether - 機械都市インティモーラ (Kikai Toshi Intymla)
Ether's new vocalist, Erumu Nagi, will be making her debut in this new mini album. Nagi started out as a NicoNico Utattemita. You can listen to some of her songs on her website; the songs she has covered include Shimotsuki Haruka's Ruri no Tori (the theme song for the visual novel "Kara no Shoujo") and several songs from the Ar Tonelico series.

Humming Life - Sketch Bookmark
Here's some light and gentle pop for springtime. With Humming Life's Hinata Sora and Chata on vocal.

eufonius - refionius
To celebrate eufonius's 10th anniversary, myu serves as guest composer in this new single, hence the title (refio + eufonius).

Hagall x 152Hz - アルティナ・トスの召喚壁に捧ぐ (for summon wall of "ArtinaToss")
A collaborative project by Hagall and 152Hz. Gorgeous ethnic music. Participating vocalists include Lily, Suzuha Yumi, Midorizaka Aaya, Fuka Mariwo and Yuria Miyazono.

Trial & Error - The fairyland
The circle's 3rd single features a fairy tale without any anime/manga or Gothic influence. The whole single will be sung in English. With Meno on vocal.

Episodes & melody/Kimi no On. - 写心学 (Shashingaku)
Beautiful piano music. This project is quite interesting. The two composers (Azell for Episodes & Music, Mashima Kokoro for Kimi no On.) take 5 photographs each and give them to the other composer. They then compose 5 songs based on the photos they have received.

lasah - "I Love You,"
lasah's 2nd album will be a "concept album based on nine classic Japanese novels". The theme of the album is love. Participating composers include sasakure.UK, ATOLS, RIOW ARAI, i am robot and proud, Shiina Mota, Lemm, Captain Mirai and mito.

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