Saturday, October 12, 2013

M3-32 News Part 2 + Touhou

奇縁妖々館 - 紫宴妖々歌
The reincarnation of Aliesia, the circle formed by former Alieson vocalist Kudo Yun and writer/composer Ozaki Sora. The 1st album from this circle follows the traditional Japanese fare of Aliesia's 2nd album, released back in M3-28. I'm liking this already.

Mamyukka - 深海図鑑 (Shinkai Zukan) -Abyssopelagic Note-
The story of a girl who goes on a journey in the ocean deep. With Mameko, Shuzu and Goto Haruki on vocal. And of course, Mamyukka will also be releasing Trick or Mamyukka3 to celebrate Hallowe'en.

Studio-Kurage - 間奏 Interlude
Studio-Kurage has been around for a while, but this is only their 5th CD. Participating vocalists include Chata, NanasizeMir's Mizutani Runa and Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou, Midorizaka Aaya, Shimamura Hideyuki, Touka Hako and foolen.

Just an interesting observation. I'm not actually into Touhou, but I got surprised twice in recent months by two circles who do Touhou arrangement. The first is FELT (and hatsunetsumiko's), and the other one is Secret Messenger.

Below are the official pages for two of Secret Messenger's Touhou arrangement. It sounds a lot like something Kajiura Yuki would compose, doesn't it? The first one sounds like the soundtrack for Kara no Kyoukai, and part of it sounds like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. The second one too wouldn't sound out of place in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. The titles of the albums also gave it away. Considering that the arranger, Yuy, lists Kajiura Yuki as a favourite composer, I'm not surprised.
Gensou no Kyoukai -the Garden of phantasmagoria-
Gensou Shoujo Alice Marisa -Eien no Ongaku-

Secret Messenger - クロス・ホエン
Yeah, I'm keeping my eyes open for this circle now. This is an original album by the circle.

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