Tuesday, October 8, 2013

M3-32 News Part 1

It's almost time for M3-32, which will take place on Oct 27.

Lolita neurosis - love in idleness/eyecandy
Rimiyu's 14th CD.

I.L.C -Image Leaf Craft- feat. YuNa - KIREIless C.A.
Another collaboration between I.L.C and vocalist YuNa. This will be their first rock album.

FataMorgana - シセン (Shisen)
And this is YuNa's new single under her personal circle. Contains both new songs and previously released songs.

MUSIRISCA (Miyazono Yuria) - Lost ALCYON E.P.
How could I have missed this? Miyazono Yuria produces, composes, arranges and sings her own songs, with tumuri responsible for lyrics. Yuria released her 1st mini album back in M3-28, and it was a lovely first release. Lost ALCYON E.P., meanwhile, is a preview CD for her upcoming 1st full album.

Lotus root Orchestra - emery II
First of two new releases from Yuka. An ethno-fantasy mini album, though all the songs have been released elsewhere previously.

Rurou no Tami (Ataiwa Dareka) x Lotus root Orchestra (Yuka) - Rulotus 2
Vol. 2 of their collaboration. Basically, they are singing each other's songs.

A little bit (Goto Haruki) - 黒猫のアパルトマン (Appartement de chat noir)
A bit on the jazzy and European side? Nice webpage too, I must say.

The Room of Show Ikeda - Christmas Invitation
Another one with an adorable webpage. Ikeda Show hasn't released any new work for some time, and she has returned with a new single. It's nowhere near Christmas yet, but anyway.

Shirakaba no Kai - Cherries 2 -MANKAI-
Murasaki (MiddleIsland), Mutsuki (Queen of Wand) and Ryo (Ether) are back with the second album of their "men's voice" series. More info to follow.

Alice Eden - xPHILIA
The group's 3rd album, though this is the first album to feature their new vocalist, Konno Sei.

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