Thursday, October 24, 2013

M3-32 News Part 3

Chibicco Folks - Alice in Halloween Party
Hoshina Yuko's 8th album. She released "Alice in Wonder Halloween" two years ago, and she's back with a full album based on a similar theme. It's that time of year after all.

Shin Sheena - 一雫/深縹 (Hitoshizuku/Kokihanada)
"Cold yet gentle", this is Shin Sheena's 2nd EP. Vocal is provided by Kiyono, who also participated in Sheena's 1st EP. The EP includes a cover of Sorairo Ehon's "Kodoku no Shu".

Utanoha - イロアクイドラ (Iroakuidora)
Takanashi Mako's 16th CD, and volume 8 of her MTP series.

Hatsuki Yura - 少女と儚き薔薇の葬列 (Shoujo to Hakanaki Bara to Souretsu)
Hatsuki Yura's 3rd collaboration with composer Fujita Mari. Supposedly she'll be releasing two other new works, so I'm still waiting for news on those.

arcane - アウロラ/交錯点 (Aurora/Kousakuten)
Manyo's latest single with vocalist LIZ.

bassy - 何者でもない音楽 (Nanimono demo nai Ongaku)
An album containing songs that either have never released before or are from out-of-stock CDs. With Toshie Hirosaka on vocal.

Annabel - roof loop hopper
Annabel's new maxi single.

Absolute Castaway - Last Volume
Nakae Mitsuki's latest futuristic fantasy project.

Haunted Factory - WICKEDCATALOG
Another very Halloween-y release. This is the 1st single from a new circle. The concept of the group is "music that is like a story".

Lolita Neurosis - Regina.S
Sorry, I got ahead of myself awhile ago and posted the wrong news. This is Rimiyu's 15th CD.

Suzuhaya - 夢はささめく風に舞いて (Yume wa Sasameku Kaze ni Mai de)
Suzuha Yumi's latest is a single based on the theme of Japanese folklore. Vocals include Suzuha Yumi, Midorizaka Aaya and Hinata Miyu.

piparkakku - SweetsPops*01
Run Girls Run's Fukami Chie is partnering up with myu to produce a new album. This should be interesting.

Mishaoru - 海話-kaiwa- Preview
At last. This is a preview single to their upcoming 3rd album. I'm guessing we might see the actual album at C85 this winter.

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