Sunday, August 4, 2013

C84 News Part 2

love solfege - 蓋然性進化論Ⅱ (Gaizensei Shinkaron II)
At last! After a long delay, love solfege will be releasing Gaizensei Shinkaron II, with a whooping 70 vocalists participating in the chorus. The main vocalists will be Ayu, Katakiri Rekka, Jenya, marie, Hatsuki Yura and resident vocalist Ayano Eiri. - 目にはさやかに見えねども/子どもたちは時待つ花の夢を見るか (Me ni wa Sayaka ni Mienedomo/Kodomo-tachi wa Tokimatsu Hana no Yume wo Miru ka
An album produced, arranged and composed by bermei.inazawa. A gentle-sounding album. Mainly instrumental, includes 2 vocal songs sung by Chata and Shimotsuki Haruka respectively.

Chibicco Folk (Hoshina Yuko) - Undulation
Hoshina Yuko's new single.

Eclipseed - 悠久のFate (Yuukyuu no Fate)
Eclipseed's 3rd single and the prologue to a new series, which is about vampires. The 2 songs from the single won't be included in the upcoming album.

Eryps - Lust feat. Nakae Mitsuki & Chata
Eryps's 2nd Album, featuring Nakae Mitsuki and Chata on vocal.

mimei - 夜猫浪漫レコオド (Yoru Neko Rauman Record)
The preview CD was released in M3-31, and now mimei returns with a new album. Their music tends to be more nostalgic and Shouwa-inclined with a dash of traditional Japanese fantasy. And mimei always designs such lovely webpage.

Shoujo Byou - 深閑セグレート (Shinkan Segreto)
Shoujo Byou's latest single is a story about a pair of siblings and their love that has gone too far. With Mitsuki and Lico on vocal, and male seiyuu Kaji Yuuki providing the voice. Mitsuki also provides the voice under her actual name Nakae Mitsuki (yes, it's the same Nakae Mitsuki from Absolute Castaway; she has included that information in her profile on the Absolute Castaway website). She has recently joined Mausu Promotion as a seiyuu.

Aki no Sora (Misawa Aki) - 空色のテトラ (Sorairo no Tetra)
Original mini album.

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