Thursday, July 25, 2013

C84 News Part 1

Without knowing it, Nakidori has already reached 380000+ hits. Thank you very much for your support over the years!

How is your summer so far? It's approaching the end of July, which means C84 is almost upon us. Doujin circles will participate in C84 on Aug 12.

Rokugen Alice - 不思議の国の音哲樂 まやかし篇 (Fushigi no Kuni no Ontetsuraku ~Mayakashi Hen
A new album that follows the preview CD from last year's C83. No special page yet, but the album will have 11 tracks. They'll also be selling the DVD of their short film, 贖罪ノ列車, which was screened during Rokugen Alice's one-man live back in May.

Absolute Castaway - 童妖奇譚 (Doyo Kitan)
Nakae Mitsuki's 7th album is a return to the nostalgic Japanese style, a blend of Shouwa pop and pseudo-traditional Japanese music.

Voltage of Imagination - VOI best selection - Caelum
VoI's very first best album. The concept centres around the idea of "Caelum" (meaning sky). The album contains a collection of songs that can bring a refreshing feeling to summer, plus 2 two bonus tracks (onoken x Chata, bermei.inazawa x Taguchi Shouichi). Other vocalists include Yanagi Nagi, ef, halyosy, Ritsuka, Mitose Noriko, *spiLa* and Miyara Ayako.

canoue - canoueII~最果ての塔~ (Saihate no Tou)
The circle that comprises of Shimotsuki Haruka, MANYO and Hiyama Nao. This will be their 2nd original fantasy CD under the circle name canoue. 9 tracks in total (6 vocal tracks + 3 instrumental tracks).

MarieRococo - Rococo Fantasia
A new circle created by Alieson's Kudo Yun, Ether's Ryo and vocalist Marie Rococo. There isn't much on the website yet, but there is a full version preview of the title song, Rococo Fantasia. Despite the sugary cover, the song doesn't sound as sugary as you might be led to think.

Annabel - caracol
Annabel is releasing her very first full album under her private label. So far, participating artists include Taguchi Shouichi (Sentimental Vector), bermei.inazawa, NORAKURO, Q-flavor and more to come.

Look forward to more news on: Mishaoru, Hoshina Yuuko (under her personal circle Chibicco Folk), Takanashi Mako, love solfege, Hatsuki Yura

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