Tuesday, August 6, 2013

C84 News Part 3

The link for Wave's Sekigan no Eden has been fixed.

PolyphonicBranch - 拝啓、水底より。 (Haikei, Suitei yori.)
Vocalists include: Chomaiyo, Yuikonnu, kradness, Matsushita, un:c, luz, 4yen, Kano, amu, Ali and Inaka Mono.

Primary - イナイセカイ (Inai Sekai)/Aster tataricus
yuiko's 8th single.

Initium Records (Yuka) - ツキナミのコト2 (Tsukinami no Koto 2)
Lotus root Orchestra's Yuka is back with a new website and a new single. She's releasing the new single under the circle name Initium Records.

Utanoha (Takanashi Mako) - 境界線のミラ (Kyoukaisen no Mira)
This is Takanashi Mako's 16th solo album. The keywords for this album are ethnic, pops and RPG.

Wave - Caldes -episode1- ヴェルテルの宿願 (Verther no Shuukugan)
Wave's new original album. With Mitose Noriko, Lily and Muta on vocal. Veteran seiyuu Kiyokawa Motomu will provide narration for the album. The official page has been updated.

Hatsuki Yura - Platinum
New album from Hatsuki Yura. The theme is the multiple facets of a glass girl. Participating composers include Drop, Kouzuki Genya, Kai Yuu and Shirato Yuusuke.

Gildia - Gildia Frontier Works
The circle's 3rd anniversary commemoration album.

Annabel - caracol
An update on additional participating composers: Hasuo Masayuki, bassy, Fukami Chie, rionos, myu and Manyo. Samples for all the tracks are out on the website.

Mishaoru - Futura-永遠の記憶装置- (Eien no Kioku Souchi)
A single for the musical "Wander Cat". You can watch the promo video on youtube.

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