Saturday, June 15, 2013

General News and Maintenance

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. At the moment, I'm not planning on posting any M3-31 releases here. There are two great music sites that host many M3-31 releases, so I recommend you go there. But I might still post some older stuff here and there and write a brief recommendation/introduction for it.

What else? I've reuploaded most of the stuff that you've requested, though I couldn't find forest's my favourite flower. Sorry about that.

In other news, Lotus root Orchestra's Yuka has resolved the conflict with another party. She announced that she's planning to return to the doujin world at some point.

The next Comiket, C84, will take place from Aug 10-12. As usual, I'll start posting more news on upcoming releases around the end of July.


  1. Thank you for your hard work, I appreciate your dedication even if you can't post that often nowadays. I'll keep coming here for news.

  2. The news itself is already more than enough. (Yay, C84! =D) It's always difficult to find reliable news about doujin music - in English, no less!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work, and for keeping us updated!

  3. Belladona, are you looking for Hana - My favorite flower?

    I actually have that one, I downloaded it from here long time ago

    1. @George Texidor

      Hi, sorry about the incredibly late reply. Yes, I'm looking for Hana's My Favourite Flower. I wanted to reupload the file, but I couldn't find it in my stuff anymore.

      If it's not too much trouble, would you be willing to upload the file so that I have a copy of the file I can post here? If not, then that's fine. Thanks!