Thursday, April 25, 2013

M3-31 News Part 4

One of my MF accounts got suspended, so many of the links are down. I don't have the energy to fix all the links right now. You may request individual reupload. Just leave a comment and I'll fix the link ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Annabel - pedanotel/starlight
Annabel's new single, actually a preview for her upcoming new album, which will be released this summer (C84, maybe?). The songs are more upbeat than her older fare.

Ryo - Dormir au soleil 眠りの前の幻想音楽 (Nemuri no Mae no Gensou Ongaku)
A "healing music project" from Ether's Ryo. Meant to be music to listen to before going to sleep. The PV is so relaxing...

qurter/b - Qhronicle
A collaboration between composer qurter and vocalist b.

b - だんでらいよん (Dandelion)
In addition, b is also releasing a new free CD. She tries for cute in the beginning, then returns to her new age root for the rest of the cD. Chances are she might release the songs for dl on her website later on.

arcane - Igraine
Manyo teams up with new main vocalist LIZ to bring back the newly revived arcane.

en;Dolphin Records - Tokyo Audio Waffle
Mostly instrumental tracks of a light, urban ambience, with two vocal songs. Looking at the song titles makes me hungry.

Wave - Trajektrio
A new arrangement of songs from three visual novels: Air, Tsukihime and Atlach-Nacha. With Nazuka Yuri (Lily) on vocal.

Enfance fini disbanded last year, and I'd posted their releases in the past. In case anyone is interested or if you like their music, you can dl all the albums on their website. Hint: Try the Mirror Download links; those are MF links.

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