Saturday, October 20, 2012

M3-30 News Part 2

Sorry about the delay. It's been a busy month for me.

binaria - 双子のダイアログ (Twins' Dialogue)
binaria's latest single. They are also hosting a 2nd live concert on Oct 26 as a preview to the new single.

Project-ALCA - luminous
A uplifting new release from Project-ALCA. Vocalists include Tada Aoi, marina, Shihori and Nakae Mitsuki.

Absolute Castaway - 古書ノスタルジヰ堂 (Antiquarian Nostalgia)
And speaking of Nakae Mitsuki, she'll be releasing a new early Showa-style single. In addition, she'll be holding her 1st solo concert on Feb 11, 2013.

Hatsuki Yura - BABEL
Carnaval Papillon - 夢、麗しく闇を奏で (Yume, Uruwashiku Yami wo Kanate)
Two new CDs from Hatsuki Yura. In BABEL, Hatsuki Yura is collaborating with Mamyukka's composer Okka to produce this "Dark Marchen Original Album". Konori, who also works with Yura before in Gentou Parade, will be the guest vocalist. Nagi Kaiji, who appears in Lost Omen (produced by Yura), serves as the story teller.
Carnaval Papillon is a collaboration between Yura, Land-You's Kai Yuu, Tsukiko, Konori and Nagi Kaiji. The CD to be released at M3-30 is actually a preview CD for the upcoming vampire-themed album that is set to be released in 2013. Both Gentou Parade and Lost Omen can be found in Nakidora (look under the tag "Hatsuki Yura").

Utanoha (Takanashi Mako) - The Tragedy of Gifted
A new album from Takanashi Mako.

RomariaCrusade - 正常の国のアリス (Seijou no Kuni no Alice)
RomariaCrusade takes on the ever popular "Alice in Wonderland".

Lolita Neurosis - love in idleness/eyecandy
14th single. Rimiyu returns to her root of a single vocal with piano accompaniment.

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