Wednesday, October 24, 2012

M3-30 News Part 3

Shirakaba no Kai - Cherries
Back in M3-24, there's this collaboration between Sakurai Anna (Rokugen Alice), Mutsuki (Queen of Wand) and Ryo (Ether). This time around, we have Murasaki (MiddleIsland) instead Sakurai Anna. The fun thing about this new CD is that Mutsuki and Murasaki will be singing as guys.

Sakura blossom - Signal
Another symphonic rock collaboration between Kanagi Luka, Una and Takanashi Mako.

Hatsuki Yura - 流転の巫女 (Ruten no Miko)
Yura's 3rd new CD for the event. This time she's teaming up with Tsukuyomi Records' Hisui to produce an "ethno and prog music" album.

arcane - CORDELIA
A new single from Manyo's personal circle, with vocalists Marie, Fukami Chie and LIZ.

Chibicco Folk - Contrast
Hoshina Yuko's new single. The theme of the single is Little Red Riding Hood, but with a cute, romantic twist.

MISHAORU - そらいろの棘 (Sorairo no Toge)
Misaoru released a preview CD for this mini album awhile ago. Their 2nd mini album harks back to the golden ethno music era.

A Little Bit - Mellow Lounge
Goto Haruki's new mini album is a relaxing treat for the autumn afternoon.

Lotus root Orchestra - emery
A CD comprised of songs Yuka has written in the past, arranged by different musicians.

Laqshe - 浮遊 (Fuyuu)
The circle's 3rd single, a mellow sojourn by resident vocalist chica.

Polo Rockers - イミテーション (Imitation)
The arrange CD for the horror doujin game, Ib, with Shimotsuki Haruka on vocal. I couldn't find the official website for this group, so the link below will have to do.