Tuesday, October 2, 2012

M3-30 News Part 1 + Ayutrica Disbanded

Mamyukka - King Piglog
After a pretty long delay, Mamyukka will finally be releasing their much anticipated new album, King Piglot. The pilot CD "Invitation" was released back in M3-28 (that would be last fall). Like their previous albums, they are bringing in many guest vocalists, including Fukami Chie, Nakae Mitsuki, Ikeda Show, Cherose, Gotou Haruki, Aihara Kaori, Chikamori Kayako and others.

my sound life (Chata + iyuna) - square vision
Sally in the room (Fukami Chie + iyuna + Kudo) - Sally in the room
iyuna and Chata have often collaborated in their group, my sound life, and this year they'll also be hosting their first live on Nov 23. But this time iyuna has also teamed up with Fukami Chie and pixelbee's kudo (composer) and formed a new circle, Sally in the room. They will be releasing their 1st CD at M3-30.

Alice Eden - 厭世観ユーフォリア (Enseikan Euforia
Alice Eden consists of vocalist Hiiragi Tsuyuri and composer Hikarinosu (he also belongs to two other circles, ArsMagnA and Seraph). Awhile back, Alice Eden has revamped their website completely. It also appears to be a fresh start from the old. They've released their 3rd single at M3-29, which fell under the radar. This time, they returned with their 2nd album.

Asriel - XANADU
Asriel rarely misses out on M3, and this year they will be releasing their 14th indies album.

Starry Garden - Queen -Schwarz Traum
Konno Sei is another highly prolific doujin musician, and she's releasing her 7th album at M3-30. The theme of the album is "What does the sleeping queen dream of".

Studio-Kurage - さよならポップス (Sayonara Pops)
This is one intense-looking illustration, not something I would expect from Studio-Kurage after their long break. Participating vocalists include Chata, Fukami Chie, Nanjou Akira, Midorizaka Aaya, Nina Branch, and foolen.

I.L.C -Image Leaf Craft- - ラムネ星、みつけた。 (Lemon Hoshi, Mitsuketa.)
With vocalists Takizawa Ichiru, Kunii and Yoshikawa Sunao.

In other news, Ayutrica has officially disbanded on Sep 17, citing that its members are busy with their individual projects. However, they do not rule out the possibility that the members will reunite again in the future. On the other hand, [S] and Hoshio Yuka have found the new circle Eclipseed, which has the same concept as Ayutrica. Eclipseed has already released a single to mark its debut back in C82. In addition, Eclipseed will still perform songs from Ayutrica in live concerts, so that's something to be happy about.

Ayutrica's official statement

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  1. So sad about Ayutrica. But Eclipseed's first single sounds promising.