Thursday, August 9, 2012

C82 News Part 2

Hatsuki Yura - Fromage
Hatsuki Yura - RAPT AQUARIUM
Fromage is an arranged anison cover collection, featuring Hatsuki Yura and Tsukiko on vocal. RAPT AQUARIUM is another collaboration between Yura and Tetsushi.

Primary - -1 (minus one)
Primary's 9th album.

Aki no Sora (Misawa Aki) - Aki no Sora
Rounding up Misawa Aki's "4 seasons" series is the aptly named album, Aki no Sora.

Hana a.k.a. Usa - Hello New World
A new single from Usa.

Polyphonic Branch - 夏花蒼葬 (Kakasousou)
Vocalists include 鹿乃 (Kano), amu, Ron, nero and りぶ (Rib).

Lydia Grave - カニッツァの花迷宮 (Kariesa's Flower Labyrinth)
The circle's 2nd album. Vocalists include Annabel, Fukami Chie, Masaki Erica, Yayane Hiroko and Lydia Grave's Chicaco.

bassy - ワールド・ワイド・ボクシステム (World Wide Box Stem)
bassy's latest CD features Annable on vocal. The style reminds me a bit of Laqshe's rewinder, the shoegaze album released at M3-29. While I'm usually not taken with bassy's music, I like the preview of this single.

arcane753. - 蝶ノ在リ処 (Chou no Arika)
One final album to conclude the circle's "Butterfly" series. It contains songs from previous singles, as well as new songs. Vocalists include Shimotsuki Haruka, marie and PUPI.

Yamai - Sonora
This is the first time she releases an album under the name Yamai, although she has already released quite a few CDs under the name KANAN.

Mishaoru - 空話-kuuwa-
The group's 2nd mini album is also a "prelude single". This circle specializes in ethnic music with two female vocalists.

PetitBrain - 目隠し少女よ鬼と語ろう (Mekakushi Shoujo yo Oni to Katarou)
This circle has previously released an intense twisted fairy tale single. This time around, they are going for the "Japanese fantasy" route, though the music itself doesn't really sound like what you would normally expect of a traditional Japanese style kind of music.

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