Friday, August 3, 2012

C82 News Part 1

Rokugen Alice - 初期Best
The group's first best album. The album basically contains songs from their first 3 albums, back in the days when they are composing more ethnic kind of music.

Cafe;Chiffon - 東京 カフェ ラ ムジカ (Tokyo Cafe la Musica)
First album from the group that has Yuka as the vocalist. More cafe music.

Lotus root Orchestra - メノウノルム (Menou no Rume)
And this is Yuka's new album from her own solo circle.

Hoshina Yuko - Stellar Rose
7th album from Hoshina Yuko.

Absolute Castaway - Cielo Azul
Nakae Mitsuki has released a preview CD of this album awhile back, and now she's back with the full album.

Utanoha - ルフの扉-bayād&sawād- (Rufu no Tobira)
It's rare to see Takanashi Mako doing a doujin CD for an existing manga series, but here it is. This is an official fan CD for the manga series, Magi, which is based on the Arabian Nights. - 酣歌 vol. 2 (Kanka vol. 2)
I'm not surprised they are releasing vol. 2; for me at least, this mini album is one of the highlights in C81. Vocalists will include Annabel, Misawa Aki, Nakae Mitsuki, Fukami Chie, Katakiri Rekka, and Sentimental Vector's Taguchi Shouichi.

Shoujo Byou - 創傷クロスライン (Soustou Crossline)
Shoujo Byou returns with a new album. This time they've hired voice actresses Ogura Yui and Taketatsu Ayana for the drama portion.

love solfege - 蓋然性進化論Ⅰ (Gaizensei Shinkaron)
love solfege's also back with a new album.

Eclipseed - 琥珀のSHARION (Kohaku no SHARION)
Ayutrica's [S] and Hoshio Yuka have formed a new circle with lyricist Emura Mao. Kohaku no Sharion will be the group's 1st single. There's still no news on a new Ayutrica album.

Queen of Wand - 明滅王女 (Meimetsu Oujo)
This is yet again a new album from the group.

project-ALCA - LIFE
This is probably the group's 1st single. With Fukami Chie and 柏山奈々美 (Kashiyama Nanami) on vocal.


  1. Actually, AYUTRICA is my favourite band and I think you'll find that Eclipseed is the name of a new group (maybe you can call it a sister group) and Kohaku no Sharion is their first single.
    I'm not surprised, especially since before Yuka Hoshio was the vocalist of AYUTRICA, she sung for a group called Hearty Smile Factory.
    Sure, Yuka Hoshio and S are the vocalist and composer again, but unlike with AYUTRICA, they have someone called Mao Emura doing the lyrics instead of AYU. Also, in Eclipseed, someone called SNOW is playing the Piano.

    So, the good news is, there's a new sister group! The bad news is, still no news about when we might expect AYUTRICA's new album. ^_^

    1. I guess the makings of Eclipseed is probably why we also haven't seen much activity from AYUTRICA in the last few months. I wanted a new album for Comiket! xD

    2. Oh, I didn't notice it's a different circle, since I got the link from the Ayutrica website. I really should read the comment more carefully. Thanks for the heads-up.