Sunday, April 15, 2012

M3-29 News Part 2

I.L.C -Image Leaf Craft- - 枯れない花 (Karenai Hana)
The circle's 5th album. Vocalists include Yuizuki Sora, YuNa, Nanjou Akira, Konno Sei and Yuka.

Asriel - 淡き夢見る宵闇ノ骸華 (Awaki Yumemiru Yoiyami no Gaika)
New mini album.

Lolita Neurosis - 暗鬱シンメトリカル (Anutsu Symmetrical)
Rimiyu's 13th solo CD.

Ether - Ether the Best
A 2-CD best album, with songs chosen from their first album "Contrast" up to their latest, "13-The wing I was given-". Plus 2 new songs.

Utaonoha (Takanashi Mako) - 迷夢アタラクシア (Meimu Ataraxia)
New album.

Absolute Castaway - Cielo Ceniza
This is a preview CD for Absolute Castaway's upcoming 6th album, Cielo Azul, which will be released at C82. This album takes place in the same universe as Arco-Iris, which was released back in 2008 (C74, I think).

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