Tuesday, April 3, 2012

M3-29 News Part 1

Sorry for the long wait. This is part 1 of M3-29 news.

Voltage of Imagination - 星海のアーキペラゴ (archipelago in star ocean)
A Kuusou Katsugeki tie-in project which includes a novel and an image album. Oshima Hiroyuki is composing the music, to be performed by Tada Aoi and TaNaBaTa's Anny.

BITPLANE - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
With Hatsuki Yura on vocal. Looking at the website makes me dizzy. That bizarre clock in the middle is a nice touch though.

FataMorgana - 七つの罪の1から6まで (Nanatsu no Tsumi no 1 kara 6 made)
YuNa's new solo album. Composers include YS (G protein-coupled receptor) Orikura Toshinori (I.L.C), Meis Clauson (Primary), Keisuke (Circle KSK), Sagi (takrockers!!) and Gojou Kai (SYNC.ART'S). Hayama Riku will be providing the voice and chorus.

Lotus root Orchestra - abstract nonsense
Yuka sings duet and trio with other vocalists, including frayja, Tamari, naki, Nanashi, Izumi Aya, Yuizuki Sora, Mag, Kaworu, Sagami Shou, Kunii and Mameko.

Starry Garden - Zwei Sterne -Letzte Memory
Starry Garden continues with its Zwei Sterne series.

foolen - f for fragility
foolen's first solo album. She has lent her voice to Studio Kurage and G protein-coupled receptor in the past.

日の当たる場所 (Hi no Ataru Basho)- 宵闇のカプリス (Yoiyami no Caprice)
A light, gentle album. Vocalists include Nayu, Yukimame, Inukai Ao, Nakamura Meiko, Aihara Kaori, Hoshina Yuko and Hinanata.

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