Thursday, April 26, 2012

M3-29 News Part 3

Run Girls Run - MIF or MIA
Fukami Chie's 1st full album (she's only released mini albums and maxi singles up to now).

Alieson - XXphobia
Alieson's 14th album. The style is in keeping with their previous two albums. I guess that's the style they are settling for from now on?

project-ALCA- - echoes
The group's 2nd album. Vocalists include Tada Aoi, lasah, marina and Yanagi Nagi.

Hana + Kobayashi Onyx - atelier
It's been a lot time since Hana and Kobayashi Onyx collaborated. But at last, they will be releasing their 2nd single.

Land-YOU feat. 坂上なち (Sakaue Nachi) - 双世アイエノリエ (Souse Aienorie)
Land-You's latest, with Sakaue Nachi on vocal.

RomariaCrusade - 籠鳥の歌 (Rouchou no Uta)
The group's 18th album.

Suzuha Yumi - Musee Noir
New solo album from Suzuha Yumi. With guest vocalist Hidden.

Arte Refact - Artifact: Memories I Primavera ~春色エディット~ (Haru-iro Edith)
Participating vocalists include Annabel, Nakae Mitsuki, Masaki Erica, Misawa Aki, and YURiCa (Hanatan)

SeifuuMeigetsu - Le Bijoux
The 5th collaboration between Hatsuki Yura and Drop.

Koszonto - 聖誕祭の朝、僕は王と対峙する - Fair Doomsday (Seitansai no Asa, Boku wa Ou to Taijisuru)
First CD from a new circle formed by Ito Takumi. With foolen and Fukami Chie on vocal, takezou (Studio-Kurage) and Leggysalad as composers. Do check out the "Music Flash" on the website.

Yucca - Academia
Yucca consists of Hoshina Yuko and Gildia's Masaki Erica. This is their second album.

Laqshe - rewinder
A "shoegazer & early 90's feeling mini album". With Annabel and Abe Kazuhiro as guest vocalists.

mimei - 燐粉ノスタルジヤ~未明堂異聞Ⅲ (Rinpun no Sutarujiya ~Mimeido Ibun III)
This one was supposed to be released at C81, but the release date got pushed back to M3-29.

Mamyukka - The 13th Pancer
Mamyukka has forgone their usual fairy tale root in favour of a tale between a low-tension detective and a high-tension thief.

A Little Bit - Hotel Milanda
Gotou Haruki's 4th CD, also her first concept album.

MiddleIsland - 弦奏無彩色 (Gensou Musaishoku)
Original instrumental album.


  1. Wow, thanks for the update! Pity my friends in Japan look down on doujin music though, so they won't help...

  2. Wow, so much good stuff coming out this M3. I think I'm more excited about this than the last Comiket, and that was probably the best one in years!