Wednesday, December 28, 2011

C81 News Part 3

Run Girls Run - Fragmental Sequence
3 track single plus 1 instrumental track.

Ayutrica - 白き祈りの交響曲(シンフォニア)
Second single to Ayutrica's Norse series, which began with 氷の檻、連珠の枷 at C80. These 2 songs will not be included in upcoming albums.

2nd album ot their "Eden the One-eyed" series. Includes vocalists Annabel, Katakiri Rekka, K.Juno, Mitose Noriko, and pico.

Gildia - crimeneige-白吟の妖精-
4th album.

Geographic - utopia

SYNC.ART'S - bouquet
Original single featuring Nakamura Meiko and Amamiya Yurino on vocal.

MISHAORU - さよならの森
An ethnic music female mixed voice unit that is formed by Sakamoto Misato and Akiyama Kaoru. Music by 久野幹史 and Meis Clauson.

ひよこまかろん - ハート (Heart)
A collaboration between Chata, Yanagi Mami and PolyphonicBranch. A mini album with love as the theme.

Barbarian on the Groove - apriori
Featuring vocalists IKU, Kahiena, Marie, Annabel and Yoshikawa Sunao.

Mamyukka - 僕とあの娘の終末日記
Apparently Mamyukka wasn't able to finish its album on time, so instead we get a one-song single.

Yuuca - Innocent Liar
Second collaboration between Hoshina Yuuko and erica.

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