Friday, December 23, 2011

C81 News Part 2

bassy - ピアノムシが孵ったら
bassy's 3rd music collection. With vocalists Chata, Annabel, Nanjou Akira, and Seriyu.

Misawa Aki (Aki no Sora) - ぎんいろの旅路
Final movement to her four season series. Morrigan and naotyu- compose one song each.

Utanoha - 渡り鳥のリン -Lynn of a Migratory Bird-
The third album to Takanashi Mako's Ishi series, which focuses on ethnic and fantasy-styled music.

RomariaCrusade - Stray Sheep Frontier
RomariaCrusade's 17th release.

mimei - 燐粉ノスタルジヤ~未明堂異聞Ⅲ
Third volume to their Mimeido Ibun, continuing with II's butterfly motif.

Queen of Wand
QoW is releasing three new albums at C81. Two of them are typical QoW albums: "Egoistic Lovers Pink" and "Dead or Alice Blue". The third one, titled Treatro di MUZZO, is more unconventional, in that Mutsuki will sing in a male voice for the entire album.

Shoujo Byou - Vision -誓約の閉回路 桎梏の乙女-
Shoujo Byou's latest album.

arcane753 - 虚木ノ咎人
arcane753's latest original story CD follows the story of their previous CD. Participating vocalists include Shimotsuki Haruka and Marie, with the addition of HaRuhiCo as Utsugi.

Lotus Root Orchestra - ノウスポウル

PolyphonicBranch - Polyholic
A 2-disc album boasting a total of 28 vocalists. For a full list of participating vocalists, pleace check the web page.

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