Monday, October 10, 2011

M3-28 News Part 1

It's that time of the season again. M3-28 will take place on Oct 30th.

Asriel - Oratorium
Asriel's 2nd indie album.

Jupiter The Phantom Thieves - Jupiter mission:001
1st album, with vocalists YuNa, Hayama Riku, aya*k, and Yuzuki Sora. Kahan composes the music.

The Root of Heads - DastinIa
From the personal circle of Primary's composer, Meis Clauson. With Marie, Nakae Mitsuki, Momori, and yuiko on vocal.

Starry Garden - Transmigration
Konno Sei's 5th album explores the concept of life and death.

Alice Eden - 証誠義國†ニルヴァーナ (Shoujou Gikuni † Nirvana)
1st album. Contains 2 CD, one vocal, one instrumental. Their style has been compared to Ali Project, and I agree to a certain extent. Apparently, the composer of the group is a fan of Ali Project.

Cocon - 空想サナトリウム (Kuusou Sanatorium)
Cocon is a circle formed by vocalist Yuu, Saitou Shino, and Nishinomiya. With guest vocalists Hinata Miyu and Suzuha Yumi. About the sorrowful everyday of a girl who's yearning for eternity. The style of music is quite diverse, since the group brings in various composers.

Pramrite - 傀儡少女 (Kairai Shoujo)
A circle formed by Cocon's Yuu and Hitoshi. Start off with a rock song, then trail off to something vaguely gothic sounding.

Ether - 13
Ether's 7th album revisits the world of their previous album, "Wish".

Re:sonare - Imagine Photographer
After Imagine Pilot, we now have the group's 2nd album. Nakae Mitsuki on vocal. Do check out the PV.

Musirisca Records - Anemone
1st mini album from a new group. Gorgeous vocal with chorus backing, sung not only in Japanese, but also in French, what I suspect to be Welsh, and what I suspect to be Hebrew (I could be wrong though).

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