Thursday, October 20, 2011

M3-28 News Part 2

Estrellita - closed x clown prologue
As the title says, this is a prologue CD with circus as the theme. Aside from the usual waltz and orgel music, there is a jazzy piece and a piano etude. The full album will be finished in 2012.

うたたねりんご (Utatane Ringo) - 明日の君の話をしよう (Ashita no Kimi no Hanashi wo Shiyou)
The concept of this single is four stories that take place in the hospital, therefore it has a bit of everything.

Land-you - ひとひらの刃 (Hitohira no Yaiba)
Single, with traditional Japanese vibe. With vocalist frayja, 8, and Izumi Aya.

Sugar Bit - Affetto
Collaboration between Sugar Bunny's Mameko and A Little Bit's Gotou Haruki. The first song sounds jazzy.

Aliesia - 深紅のイト (Shinku no Ito)
The 2nd collaboration between Kuon Yun and Ozaki Sora is a Japanese style album.

Absolute Castaway - 金平糖ロマネスク (Confetti Romanesque)
Another Japanese style single from Nakae Mitsuki.

Romaria Crusade - in the aquarium
16th album from Romaria Crusade. The group describes the style of the music as "futuristic dance music".

Utanoha - 処方箋アポカリプス- (Prescription Apocalypse)
New album from Takanashi Mako.

Lolita Neurosis - レムレス (Leumures)
Amami Rimiyu's new single.

Hoshina Yuko - Alice in Wonder Halloween
Hoshina Yuko in dark fairy tale mode.

Sakura Blossom - Symphonic Orchestra
Contain songs from Sakura Blossom's previous albums. With Takanashi Mako on vocal.

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