Wednesday, August 10, 2011

C80 News Part 5

This is probably the final news post before the big day, but you never know.

PolyphonicBranch - Brilliant White Noise
With both male and female vocalists, including amu, Hana-tan, Ron, Wotamin, Choucho and halyosy.

Sync.Art's - x-Materia
Original vocal album, containing songs Sycn.Art's has provided for other circles.

怪盗集団Jupiter 予告盤CD (Kaitou Shuudan Jupiter Preview CD)
Preview CD. A collaboration between vocalists YuNa, Hayama Riku, Yuizuki Sora, and aya*k. the Psalm of Dreamers' Kahan serving as composer.

-Pf Audio- - twelve equal
1st full album. Featuring Usa (Hana), Kiyono, and Korika (Hana-tan) on vocal.

Usa Colony - うさころ よんてんご (Usakono Yontengo)
Usa Colony's 5th album.

Vagrancy - lilica~Orgel Arrange Mini Album~
Another orgel arrange album from Shikata Akiko.

Closed/Underground - Flying Artillerist -get ready, already.-
Katakiri Rekka's 1st Touhou CD. Really unexpected, I must say.

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