Sunday, August 7, 2011

C80 News Part 4

WAVE - 隻眼のエデン -A.D.2109- "Eden", the One-eyed.
An all new project from Wave is a near future fantasy. Vocalists include Annabel, Katakiri Rekka, K.Juno, pico, Mitose Noriko and Nazuka Yuri (Lily). With voice drama by others.

Fairial - fairial:material

Hatsuki Yura - Gothika 2 ~御伽影牢館~ (Gothika 2 ~Otogikageroukan~)
Continuing with the dark fairy tale theme, Gothika 2 sounds more gothic than 1 in my opinion. Composers include Drop, love solfege, オッカ (Okka), bitplane and 藤田真梨 (Fujita Mari). Do take a look at the PV.

Hatsuki Yura - 少女と背徳の欠片 (Shoujo to Haitoku no Kakera)
sequel to 少女と秘密の鍵穴 (Shoujo to Himitsu no Kagiana), another collaboration with Fujita Mari. The special page for this album is now up.

Gildia - カテナの銀環 (Catena no Ginkan)
Gildia's 3rd album.

Roundbooster Architexture - Revelations
Umineko-related, featuring the insert song "Revelation" in EP8.

Circletempo - Dear Golden Witch
Umineko-related. Contains music composed by Luck-Ganriki for the visual novels and the two fighting games.


  1. @aoi_azzura: I totally agree! More Hatsuki Yura is never a bad thing. C:

    Oh, and Shikata Akiko has an orgel album being released at C80!