Friday, August 5, 2011

C80 News Part 3

Primary - 心音/Butterfly (Shinon / Butterfly)
yuiko's 6th single. - 深夜の怪談ラジオ (Shinya no Kaidan Radio)
After last year's pseudo New Year's Eve radio show, brings us the late night horror radio show. Chata and Annabel will perform the OP and ED themes respectively, in addition to telling ghost stories.

axsword - Blue Orb
onoken's 2nd album. With Emi Evans, b, 彩羅 (Sara) and Misawa Aki on vocal. String performance by string orchestra GaQdan.

bassy - 燐光とその他 2+1 (Rinkou to Sonota 2+1)
A best single featuring Chata on vocal.

Atelier C-hicken - その素敵な音楽をVol.1~蒼の世界~ (Sono Suteki na Ongaku wo Vol. 1 ~Ao no Sekai~)
Aria doujin CD. Instrumental tracks only. Relaxing kind of music.

Lydia Grave - Chordal Microstoria
The group's "SF Fantasy" release #2. Participating vocalists include Chicaco, Shiho, Fukami Chie, Hoshina Yuko and mintea.

Losrosaria - Bouvaldia
2nd single. solfa's 悠季 (Yuki) is the resident vocalist. The music leans towards the gothic sentiment.

Shoujo Byou - 聖骸メロフォビア (Seigai Melophobia)
Album. Melophobia apparently means a "fear of music". Voice actresses Yuuki Aoi and Tomatsu Haruka provide their voices for the voice drama.

the Psalm of Dreamers - with my empty hands
Another all female vocal album. Vocalists include Yamai, めらみぽっぷ (Merami Poppu), 桃箱, YuNa, コツキミヤ (Kotuki Miya), uco, and 桜ふみ (Sakura Fumi).

Visual Work Station - Agedum! Puella Magica!
A Madoka arranged doujin CD, this time with Chata, Sakura Fumi, and ℃iel on vocal.

Toki no Shikkoku x Hatsuki Yura - サイレント.キネマ (Silent Kinema)
First of two Hatsuki Yura releases. Include the song Velvet Refrain, which was released in a single-song free CD at M3-27. More rockish than Yura's usual work.


  1. I've actually ordered in the following amongst others and a few old ones:
    RomariaCrusade - メロウ≠メロウ (Mellow ≠ Mellow)
    Utanoha - 魔法少女フォルトゥネ★マギカ (Puella Magi Fortunae Magica)
    Ayutrica - 氷の檻、連珠の枷 (Koori no Ori, Renjuu no Kasei)
    arcane753 - 羽ノ亡キ蝶 (Hane no Naki Chou)

    The following I'll buy later on seeing as I placed the order before I found out about them:
    Shoujo Byou - 聖骸メロフォビア (Seigai Melophobia)
    Toki no Shikkoku x Hatsuki Yura - サイレント.キネマ (Silent Kinema)

  2. If you like Hatsuki Yura, you might want to check out the two new albums she will release under her own solo circle. More info in the "C80 News Part 4" post.

  3. C80 is looking to have some really good stuff. I'm especially looking forward to Primary, arcane, and basically anything Chata does vocals for.

  4. Shoujo Byou!!!!
    so looking forward to this.