Saturday, April 23, 2011

M3-27 News Part 4

Thank you very much for your comments in the previous post! It's difficult to tell what kind of music people dropping by Nakidori no Rakuen like when I'm the only one talking here.

It feels like awhile ago when Annabel and Yanagi Nagi each produced a new solo work for the same event. Annabel is releasing a new maxi single, titled ignis. It will contain 5 tracks. Demo is available.

binaria has released more information about its upcoming release on its website. The single will be called Nachtflug, which will contain 3 tracks. Samples are available on the website.

Paradise Eve, the circle formed by Alieson's Kuon Yun and Land You's Kai Yu at C79, will be releasing its second single called 少女サファイア.

Mamyukka is releasing its 5th single called 天体カタログ (Astronomical Catalogue). Do check out the special page for the new single; the picture is adorable.

Mameko, Mamyukka's resident vocalist, will also be releasing a solo album called Jewel, her 2nd solo CD since Honey Pop. There'll be 8 tracks in total. Demo is available on her website.

Mimei is releasing a new single titled 繭の聲の目隠し鬼, which will include two vocal songs and two instrumental tracks.

PolyphonicBranch is doing something slightly different this time; it will be releasing 2 new CDs. One is the Blue Album, with songs performed by female vocalists, including Hana (Usa), Chata, kikuyo, Yanagi Nagi, and Yurica (Hanatan). The other is the Red Album, with songs performed by male vocalists, including amu, Pokota, Kettaro, ASK, Kogeinu, and Gom.
The Blue Album
The Red Album

Corky Voce will be releasing its 3rd single, titled 絆 (Kizuna), which will contain 2 tracks.


  1. Yay, i love Annabel's voice... so im waiting for her works, And Yanagi Nagi too, Corky voce is within my favorites as well as PolyphonicBranch, it sounds like is gonna be a good event...
    Greetings from Mexico XD

  2. New PolyphonicBranch! Yay for that!