Wednesday, April 20, 2011

M3-27 News Part 3

Another quick update.

You can find a full listing of the participating circles here.

Yanagi Nagi's latest solo work will be 氷下の国 released under her solo circle, corleonis. Demo is available on the website.

MiddleIsland will be releasing a new vocal duet collection called Tryst End. The new album will reunite several vocalists from FrizzellWeisen, including Murasaki, Yuka, Mitsuki, Sakamoto Chiaki. Other vocalists participating in the album will include MintJam's Terra, Gildia's erica, Sakuya, Suzuha Yumi, Cherose, and 七誌 (Nanashi).

RomariaCrusade will be releasing a new album titled 歪ト歪. Demo is available on the website.

Asriel is releasing a new single called 常しえの惑い 醒めし毒.

b's newest work will be a "music story" called Eien.

Composer bassy will be releasing a new album called 音楽ピューパとやさしい世界, which will include both instrumental tracks and vocal tracks. Participating vocalists include Annabel, Chata, Shimotsuki Haruka, and Nina Branch.

Nakae Mitsuki is releasing a new Japanese fantasy CD called 喫茶りどる. Demo and CM clips are available on the website.

I.L.C-Image Leaft Craft's latest project will be a single called Merry Happy, with YuNa on vocal.

Just out of curiosity, which circles or style of doujin music do you like best?


  1. I do not understand much about doujin circles or such, but the ones I like most is Voltage of Imagination, Viator de memoria and Asriel/Lolita Neurosis songs! ^^

  2. I like almost every works with Mitose Noriko, Takanashi Mako, Chikamori Kayako, Aosaki Shizuku, Yanagi Nagi, Annabel, Chata, Katakiri Rekka, Nakae Mitsuki, Sakurai Anna, Ouri, Murasaki, Misawa Aki, Hatsuki Yura...well, and many others i can't remember now.

  3. I'm waiting for CorLeonis, for I am a fan of Yanagi Nagi :D Also looking forward to Asriel's new single.

    My favorite circles are everything related to Yanagi Nagi, Chata, Shoujo Byou, yuiko, Rita, Haruka Shimotsuki, Duca, Annabel, Katakiri Rekka.. and uhh many more.

  4. I started to become a fan of doujin music this year. I don't know much about it, but I love Binaria and Run Girls Run style. I also like Hatsuki Yura's voice.
    But of course, there're many other circles that I like, for example Corky Voce and Mamyukka. =3

    (kinda late to comment in this post, I hope you don't mind. >.<)