Friday, April 29, 2011

M3-27 News Part 5

It's nice to know what kind of doujin music you like. Thanks for all the comments!

Here are some last-minute M3-27 news before the big day. Things have been slow lately, so M3-27 releases might not be posted here till several days after the event.

Krik/Krak is releasing an orgel arrange album called Epitaph. The album will include orgel arrangement of previously released songs plus new orgel tracks and one new vocal song.

Shirokagami will be releasing a new single called light spot / 浮景, which will contain 2 tracks. Run Girls Run's Fukami Chie will be providing the vocal for the second track.

Hana will be releasing a CD called my favourite flower under her solo circle name. The CD contains new recording of three songs from Hana's 1st solo album, flower.

SeifuuMeigetsu and Hatsuki Yura is releasing a new Japanese style album called 宵闇恋想奇譚. It will include 2 instrumental tracks, 4 vocal songs, and instrumental version of the 4 vocal songs.

O+N Factory's Ohnuki Rine will be collaborating with 2 vocalists on 2 separate projects. One of them is Gypsophila, a collaboration between Ohnuki Rine and 浮森かや子 (Chikamori Kayako) as the unit Sugar Sorbet.

In addition, Ohnuki Rine is working with Annabel on a single under Ohnuki's personal circle, 路地裏みかん箱。 The single will be called 屋根裏ひみつ基地.

Soranetarium's Yuizuki Sora is collaborating with D-Sound's Dani on a new album titled 時が廻る、世界の向こう。

And finally, Teadrops will be releasing a new single called Labradrite -noll-. It will contain 2 songs. Demo is available on the website.

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