Saturday, April 16, 2011

M3-27 News Part 2

A quick update on M3-27 news.

Alieson will be releasing its 12th album, titled "Need a Reason?". Also, Kuon Yun is teaming up with Ozaki Sora, who has collaborated with Alieson in several songs before, to form Aliesia. Aliesia's first album will be called ESPOIR. ~ここにある確かな光~.

Studio-Kurage is releasing its 3rd CD, titled ミニマリズム進化論 -the minimal evolutionary-. Many past vocalists for Studio-Kurage have returned to lend their voices in this CD, including Chata, Nina Branch, Nanjo Akira, Midorizaka Aaya, and foolen, with the addition of Fukami Chie.

Land-You's latest single is called サクラ (Sakura), with frayja and 瀧沢一留 (Takizawa Ichiru) on vocal.

Lolita Neurosis's Rimiyu will be releasing two CDs. One will be a compilation CD containing songs from Rimiyu's 1st six CDs, titled イヴ (Eve). The other is an all-new single called ランカーの砦.

Dolphin Time's Hayama Riku will be releasing her fourth album, titled 僕はここにいる.

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