Monday, April 11, 2011

M3-27 News Part 1

I hope everyone is doing well. It's hard to believe that we've already gone past 140000 hits. Thank you very much for your support! Our second anniversary is still months away from now, so I'll probably end up forgetting about that like I did last year.

M3-27 will take place on May 1 as scheduled. Several circles have posted about their new releases.

Run Girls Run's Fukami Chie will be releasing her 3rd mini album, titled Nostalgic Fabric. There'll be six tracks in total. bermei.inazawa is responsible for the mastering, while Sentimental Vector's Shouichi will serve as guest vocalist for one of the songs.

Alieson has mentioned that the group will be releasing a new work. More details will come out in the middle of April.

Hatsuki Yura will also be participating in M3-27 as the resident vocalist for the circle SeifuuMeigetsu (their works include Hameln and La Pucelle). She describes the style of the new CD as "Japanese gothic".

FataMorgana's YuNa is releasing a vocal/piano accompaniment scorebook for one of her previous works, izanami.

Lotus root Orchestra will be releasing two CDs. One of them is Seventh Blood Vampire, the single Yuka has briefly provided full track samples for. The other is Rulotus 1, a collaboration between Lotus root Orchestra and Rulou no Tami.

Yanagi Nagi has mentioned on her blog that binaria and corleonis (Nagi's personal circle) will be participating in M3-27.

Primary's yuiko will be collaborating with Ontama's Tamari on a project called 惑星航路 ~Planetary Route~. There'll be eight tracks in total, each song devoted to one of the eight planets in the Solar System.
Yuiko's website:
Tamari's website:

Chibicco Folk's Hoshina Yuko is planning to release a new album under her solo circle. She will also be lending her voice to a project started by composer and Kaworu, titled Sekai. Yuka and Yuizuki Sora will also be participating in this project.
Chibicco Folk:

Uekiya has revamped its website, as well as announcing the release of its 3rd original album, asterium. There'll be 9 tracks in total. Samples are up on the website.

love solfege will be releasing a new CD called Reception for witnesses.

And finally, Takanashi Mako will be releasing a new album under her solo circle name, Utanoha. The album will be called 葬天のグロリア.

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  1. I'm expecting Hoshina Yuko's album soon :) Love her works.