Tuesday, December 28, 2010

C79 News Part 3

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year. C79 is almost here, so without further ado, more C79 news.

RomariaCrusade will be releasing their 13th album, titled 六ノ花 -The past Seeker vol1- (Roku no Hana). It's a combination of music and voice drama.

Takanashi Mako will also be releasing a new work called 終焉のテルミナ (Shuuen no Terumina). There'll be 7 tracks in total.

encounter+ will be releasing a new CD called wanderlust. 6 tracks in total.

mimei has been putting out quite a few free CDs lately. Their latest, 吸血モダニズム前夜 (Kyuuketsu, will also be distributed as a free CD at C79, though it will only contain short versions of the songs. Also, if you are interested in their music, they have put up downloads for their previous free CD, 金平糖花 (Konbeitoka)

It felt like a long time ago when Annabel released her first mini album alongside Yanagi Nagi. But now the wait is over. Annabel's 2nd mini album, Noctiluca, will be released at C79. There'll be 6 tracks in total; samples are up on the website.

Manyo apparently had fun participating in M3-26. This time around, Manyo is collaborating with Shimotsuki Haruka and Hiyama Son under the circle name arcane753; arcane refers to Manyo's circle, while 753 refers to the circle Shichigosan. formed by Hiyama Son and Shimotsuki Haruka. Their new project will be a Japanese mini song collection titled ツナギ蝶ノ塚 (Tsunagi Chou no Tsuka). They've brought in quite a few traditional Chinese instruments for this project.

Land-YOU's Kai Yuu, aside from the collaboration with Alieson's Kuon Yun, will be releasing a CD called Re:MINDS. It will contain 4 songs from the YuuYuu Sound Factory era (2 tracks from Sylvan, with Kuon Yun on vocal, and 2 from 月光闇宴 [Gekkou Anen], with Aki Minato on vocal) plus one new song.

If you like rock-ish songs, you might be interested in GILDIA's 2nd album, Elminada -赫触の魔女- (Kakusawa no Majo). GILDIA is a relatively new circle that started out at M3-25 this past spring with their first album, 蒼煉のヤヴンハール (Souneri no Yavunharu). The circle is headed by SHIKI with erica on vocal.

erica has provided lyrics for Hoshina Yuko's solo projects in the past. This time, the two songstresses team up to produce a pop-ish album called Diastar, under the circle name Yucca.

The last time SYNC.ART'S had released a vocal collection unrelated to Touhou was back in 2009, featuring Misato and F.E.L. Sweet & Fluffy, the 7th vocal collection by SYNC.ART's, will be released at C79. Participating vocalists include 仲村芽衣子 (Nakamura Meiko), Shihori, 桃梨 (Momori), Misato, 結城京華 (Yuuki Keika) , fi-fy, and 小田ユウ(Oda Yuu).

Armonia's kikuyo will be releasing a single called Romantic @ December. Lotus root Orchestra's Yuka will be lending her voice to the project.

forest's Hana has announced that she'll be putting out a maxi single called marble at C79. It will contain 4 tracks.

madaranosora is celebrating its 1st anniversary with a new CD called サマンサタバサがほしいの。 (Samantha ga Hoshiino.), featuring Katakiri Rekka and iyuna on vocal.


  1. DAMN YEA! SYNC.ART'S!!! I have to say, their original albums are so much better than their touhou ones.

  2. I don't listen to Touhou, so I wouldn't know. But I agree their original albums are good. The End of the World is one of my favourites.