Thursday, March 17, 2011

Voltage of Imagination News

As a way of showing support to everyone in Japan, Voltage of Imagination has posted a song called がんばったら (Ganbattara) on its website. The song is composed, written, and sung by Chata, with ESTi responsible for arrangement.

Also a bit of old news. VoI has collaborated with a popular iPhone/iPad APP called 朗読少女 (Rodoku Shoujo), which is basically a visual version of audiobooks of literary works and light novels. VoI has provided two songs for the series. The songs are composed by bermei.inazawa and written by interface. リツカ (Rinka) and spiLa, well known as a part of the Utattemita movement in Nico Nico Douga, perform the songs. The songs are available through the APP and are scheduled to be on sale through iTunes Store later in the month.

Please be well, everyone!
お元気で, 皆さん!

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