Sunday, December 19, 2010

C79 News Part 2

It's hard to believe that Nakidori no Rakuen has already reached 100,000 hits. Thank you very much for your support! Now, onto some C79 news.

Alieson will be releasing their 3rd single, titled 銀の羽 (Gin no Hane). Demo is available on the website.

Hatsuki Yura has announced on her blog that she'll be partnering with Red Hot House's Tetsushi on a new CD called Electric Girl.

Primary's yuiko will be releasing her 7th album, aptly labelled seven'th color. 6 tracks in total.

Re:sonare, a circle created by vocalist Nakae Mitsuki, band leader and keyboardist Keiki, guitarist Kudo, bassist Hirosawa Kendi, and drummer PAPA, has announced the release of their 1st album, Imagine Pilot. The full version of the first song, Wishbone, is available on the website.

Chata has been the resident vocalist for, and now they will be releasing a new CD called 茶太のゆく年くる年 (Chata no Yukunen Kurunen).

After releasing a series of vocal CDs for the past several events, MiddleIsland's Nakajima Misaki is preparing for his 4th instrumental album, titled 弦奏超絶技 (Gensou Chouzetsugi).

Misawa Aki's latest will be a solo mini album called 冬空のアルペジオ (Fuyuzora no Arpeggio, with winter as the theme. Participating composers include naotyu-, onoken, Yadoki Tsukasa, and Shouichi.

Queen of Wand will be releasing a musical equivalent of a "short story collection". The album is called Chere Mademoiselle, and it will include new tracks plus two songs from their previous CD, 幸福な小説家 (Shiawase na Shousetsuka).

Kimi no Museum will be releasing two new works at C79. One will be Viator de memoria - Episode II -, a continuation of their C78's Viator de memoria - Episode I -. The other will be Black Rock Museum 2; there's no info on what this work will be about yet.

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