Monday, December 13, 2010

C79 News Part 1

Hi! It's been awhile, and business here is more or less back to usual. C79 is just around the corner, so let's see what we have this year.

Rokugen Alice finally breaks out of the Omen of Seven (or are they?) and announces their latest. One will be an original album called 原宿ロリヰタキネマ. The other will be a Touhou Arrange CD called 夢想演舞 月之理.

Alieson's resident singer Kuon Yun will be collaborating with Land-You's Kai Yuu on mini album called 楽園のイヴ under the circle name Paradise Eve. The lyrics will be written in a make-up "angel language". Demo is available for sampling.

Ether's resident songstress Ouri, meanwhile, will be releasing her first solo album called dialogue. Various composers will be lending their talent to the album, including Ryo, Nakajima Misaki, taqumi, kei+m, Kai Yuu, Kazuki and more.

Lotus root Orchestra will be releasing its 3rd album to celebrate its 3rd anniversary. It's called 彩光モノクローム. There'll be 7 tracks in total.

G protein-coupled receptor will be releasing a new single titled Flip-Flop Kinetics. It will contain three songs, two sung by Chata and one by Yuna.

little white snow, probably better known for its Touhou arrangement, will be releasing an original fantasy album called Celestia.

Luna-Haze has revamped its site at last, as well as made an announcement that two new artists have joined the group. Instead of the usual album, however, they will be releasing a single instead. The new single will be called 月詠み月食む ~佰奇耶病譚~. Participating vocalists include Origa, 門脇舞以 (Kadowaki Mai), and Nakae Mitsuki.

The long awaited 3rd album from Ayutrica will finally be released at C79. The album is called ベルンシュタインの王冠 - Die Krone von Bernstein -. It will contain all new songs, which means none of the songs from their previous two singles will be included in the album.

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  1. >The lyrics will be written in a make-up "angel language".

    Just for a momemt here, i thought it's related to Dvar's angel language...nah, it's all on japanese.