Saturday, October 23, 2010

M3-26 News Part 5

This will probably be the last M3-26 update in a while. Have fun!

Manyo, under the circle name arcane, will be releasing a mini album called エウロパ (Europa), featuring Yanagi Nagi and Annabel on vocal. Back in March, Manyo has also collaborated with Annabel on an album called 西征のアストライア (Seisei no Astraia).

Ether's 4th single, Habit, will also be released at M3-26. It will contain new songs, plus a remix of the song "stage", which appears in Ether's 3rd album Coppelia and 1st single Hands.

Polyphonic Branch's latest will be Luna ac Memoria. This time around, they brought in kikuyo, Ritsuka, Hana, Chata, and Yanagi Nagi. The PV for the song "dearest", sung by Ritsuka, will be posted online on Oct 25.

Krik/Krak will be releasing a new album called リプレイ月紅レコード (Replay Getsukou Record), which ties in with their recent web release, アーキタイプの井戸の怪物 (Archetype no Ido no Kaibutsu; it is available to dl for free on the website). There'll be 4 vocalists participating in the album.

Fukami Chie is working alongside Disorder Circulation's gray to produce a new single titled 猿は数を数えるのか (Saru ha Kazu wo Kaeru no ka). There are 4 tracks in total, two of them are remixes.

Forest Gakuya returns with an all new album called 騎士の崇めた百合 ~狂気の題名~ (Kishi no Agameta Yuri ~Kyouki no Daimei~). New addition to the group includes Takanashi Mako, Suzuha Yumi, Yuu, and Yuuri (originally belonged to Valhalla).

Speaking of Suzuha Yumi, she will be releasing a new single under her personal circle name. The single will be called 暗澹のルヴァンシュ (Antan no Revanche).

Lotus root Orchestra's Yuka will be teaming up with Aosaki Shizuku on two projects. One is called World, which also involves Land-YOU's (formerly Yuu Yuu Sound Factory) 甲斐ゆう (Kai Yuu).

The other Yuka/Aosaki Shizuku project is called 架空図書館 (Kakuu Toshokan); UtAGe is also involved in the project. There'll be 5 tracks in total. A live concert has been planned in November.

Aosaki Shizuku will be releasing her 5th single called 夜空のとびら (Yozora no Tobira). It will include her own composition, as well as two folk songs, Amazing Grace and Down By The Salley Gardens.

Hatsuki Yura will be releasing two new works for M3-26. One of them will be a "Showa jazz CD" called サロン・ド・シャノワール (Salon de Chat Noir).

Yura's other new album will be a collaboration with SeifuuMeigetsu's Drop, who collaborated with Yura on Hameln. The new album will be called ラ・ピュセル (La Pucelle).

One of the interesting discoveries of the day is Gothic Marionette. This circle is formed back in 2009, with composer Yuki being the architect of the group. It has released a demo called Rain at M3-24. This year, they will be releasing their 1st album, titled Nemesis. The sample track on the website is a blend of majestic choir and narration.

The other interesting new circle is 世の漆黒-トキノシッコク- (Toki no Shikkoku). Their style leans more towards the rock-ish side. Their main objective is to compose original songs inspired by anime and light novels. In the past, they have produced their own image albums for light novel series Bungaku Shoujo and Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria. The leader of the circle is Kurumizaka Iwori, with bassist Sakuya and executive producer Marialips. Recent addition to the circle is Valhalla's vocalist Yuuri. They will be releasing an album titled 二輪葬 -A Longinus Hermonia- (Nirinsou -A Longinus Hermonia) at M3-26.

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